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Lotto news

New Zealand woman wins £1.000.000 during her holiday in the UK

After taking a trip to another continent, most people come home with a suitcase full of memories, but Diana De Gilio will be bringing something else with her when she comes back to New Zealand – an astounding £1.000.000 Euromillions prize. She decided to try her luck with Europe’s most popular lottery while staying with a friend in west Norfolk and it lead her to an incredible victory she’ll remember for a lifetime. The same thing could happen to you after the next Mega Millions draw – play now to scoop $293.000.000!

Ms. De Gilio was staying with her friend Sandy Marsden, when she went into a local post office where she purchased few Euromillions tickets for the draw on May 27th. One of them ended up winning the £1.000.000 Mega Friday prize and a luxury trip to Bali and Lombok.

“While I was in the shop I saw a poster for the Euromillions Mega Friday Draw and asked the lady what it was about. Once she’d explained, and being a born optimist keen to visit Bali again after backpacking there some years ago, I decided to try my luck by buying five Lucky Dips,” explained the fortunate woman.

The retired carer and great-grandma of seven spent many years living and working in the UK and she went back to celebrate her 70th birthday with Ms. Marsden, who will join her on the journey to Bali and Lombok.

“Life is one big adventure for Diana and I could not think of a nicer, more genuine person to win this life-changing prize. It’s been so nice having her stay. I’ve had a millionaire mowing the lawns and cutting hedges all week,” joked Sandy Marsden.

The lucky winner, who described herself as a “bit of an adrenalin junkie” said she will use her new-found fortune to thoroughly enjoy her freedom, as she always had. She will also spend some of the money to buy a house, a car, new glasses and new teeth.