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Rolls-Royce unveils luxury vision of the future with self-driving concept car

If you’ve ever wondered what cars will look like hundred years from now, Rolls-Royce has an answer to your question – a new concept vehicle Vision Next 100, which looks like it came straight from the future. It’s super luxurious inside-out, but what makes it so special is the fact you don’t even have to drive it yourself since it’s fully autonomous and self-aware.

Described as “a personalized icon for the future, providing a sanctuary of calm in an ever-faster world”, Vision Next 100 is Rolls-Royce’s first pure concept car. Not only does it reek of opulence, but it’s also so technically advanced that it doesn’t even require a driver – the vehicle is autonomous, with no steering wheel or a dashboard. Since all the traditional driver controls are removed from the car, it leaves enough space for an elegant silk sofa.

Vision Next 100 will be operated by digital assistant and chauffeur named Eleanor, which is able to deliver the car to your door, plot your course, and ensure the vehicle arrives at the correct destination. Vision Next 100 also features a clamshell-style hinged roof that automatically rises from the left to allow passengers to exit fully upright.


Another thing that makes it so special is the fact that you get to design a dream vehicle of your own – you choose everything from dimensions, form and space to materials. People at Rolls-Royce have clearly envisioned a future in which you get to be your own architect and build a car that is as unique as your own fingerprint. We will have to wait for a few decades to see something like this on the streets, but before it happens you can buy a dream car of your own with a magnificent $333.000.000 Mega Millions jackpot – play now to grab it!