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Lotto news

$12.800.000 lotto winner uses Facetime to share the lucky news with his kids

There are many ways to tell your nearest and dearest you’ve just won a gigantic lottery prize – most people just use the phone, some choose to sit their loved ones down so they wouldn’t faint after hearing the news, others host celebratory dinners for their families – and Ian Hirsch decided to do it via Facetime. After winning a magnificent $12.800.000 prize, the fortunate man from Coquitlam used a popular video calling service to inform his children of this incredible twist of fate. You could also surprise the special people in your life after the next Mega Millions draw – play now to snatch $363.000.000!

Hirsch won the Lotto 6/49 jackpot on June 18th, when the ticket he purchased at the Shoppers Drug Mart on David Avenue in Coquitlam matched the winning numbers 7, 8, 22, 32, 40 and 45.

“I checked it online first and then had my wife recheck it. We couldn’t believe our eyes so we walked over to the store to check it again. It was overwhelming and surreal. I was shaking a lot,” explained Hirsch in a statement which was released after he received the cheque.

The most exciting moment came when they finally got an opportunity to share the news with their children. The couple used video chat to tell them they’ve just became $12.800.000 richer and watched them “go crazy” after discovering what happened.

“We Facetimed with our kids to share the news because we wanted to see their reactions. And that was priceless,” said Hirsch and added he will use some of the money to help them out. His wish list also includes a beautiful new home with a gigantic TV, a new car and trips to Europe and Hawaii.

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