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Lotto news

Syndicate of 22 bus drivers collects €24.000.000 Euromillions jackpot

Only few days after hitting a €24.000.000 jackpot, a group of Irish bus drivers came forward to collect it in the most fitting way possible. They arrived at the National Lottery headquarters in a Dublin Bus with the words “Winners on Board” plastered across the doors and windows. You could also collect a life-changing lotto jackpot in style after the next Mega Millions draw – play now to snatch $540.000.000!

The fortunate syndicate of 22 colleagues, known as “Euro Drivers” had been playing lottery together for 17 year, but they’ve never won anything major before luck smiled on them last Friday night when they’ve matched all the winning Euromillions numbers.

“This is our first money we took for the syndicate. At Christmas time we’d have it in pool and if there was one of the lads out sick or bereavement in the family we’d make a collection among ourselves and put whatever in the kitty towards it,” explained John Brady, one of the winners.

Even after scooping over a €1.000.000 each, Euro Drivers will be going back to work, but some of them also plan to travel and make few big purchases. The win came as a big surprise to everyone, but especially for Craig Shearer, who’s been recovering from leukaemia and described netting the Euromillions jackpot as his second lottery win.

“Cancer was tough. It put things into perspective and context. I’m out of the danger zone now and in the maintenance phase. I’m very grateful. This is a second win for me,” said Mr. Shearer and thanked his doctor Michael Fay for saving his life, as well as his colleagues for keeping him in the syndicate and paying his subscription, even though he had been off work for two years.