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Lotto news

Canadian millennials aren’t interested in playing lottery, says a new research

The idea of getting richer in a blink of an eye seems like something everyone would be interested in, but the younger generation doesn’t seem to be on board with it. According to a new research conducted by Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, Canadian millennials haven’t been showing huge interest in lottery games – only 7% of adults under 35 buy lottery tickets at least once a week.

There are many explanations to why young adults don’t care about the lottery, but the OLG mostly blames it on bad placement of the tickets at the locations where millennials frequently shop, including supermarkets, big box stores and large retail locations. According to the OLG spokesman Rui Brum, they are currently considering expanding lottery sales to those places and allowing sales in check-out lanes of grocery stores in order to appeal to the younger generation.

A study conducted by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation this May showed that 32% of adults who are 30 or younger played lottery in the past month. The WCLC spokeswoman Andrea Marantz thinks it’s because lottery is a “life stage” game, more appealing to middle-aged players and older adults than millennials.

“The most common thing we hear from our winners is they don’t have to worry about money at all. Maybe when you are young and just starting your professional life those money worries aren’t weighing quite as heavily,” explained Marantz.

According to the professor Jeffrey Derevensky, who studies youth gambling problems at the McGill University, youngsters aren’t completely indifferent to gambling – just to draw games.

“What we find with young people is they’re more interested in the scratch tickets because they’re looking for the immediate gratification,” said Derevensky and added that sports betting is also very popular among millennials, especially males.

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