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Lotto news

$13.000.000 winning couple keeps their ticket safe in underwear drawer

After discovering they’ve become $13.300.000 richer, one lucky couple from New Zealand toasted their victory with a beer and champagne and then went home to put their ticket somewhere safe. They were looking for a place where no one would find it, and the underwear drawer seemed like a perfectly good idea at the time. No need to worry about hiding your ticket when you play online – Powerball could make you $333.000.000 richer in a blink of an eye!

The anonymous couple from Dunedin shared a $40.000.000 jackpot with another two ticket holders in New Zealand’s Lotto draw on Saturday and claimed it in record time. The woman watched the numbers being drawn as it happened and immediately hollered out to her husband, whose first thought was, “Oh no, I bet she’s pregnant.” It turned out her news were much different – they’ve won $13.300.000, and immediately headed to the store to confirm their win.

“The lotto lady had to get out of bed to come down and help check the ticket for us. It wasn’t until the lotto machine made the winning noise and we saw the prize claim receipt that he finally believed it,” recalled the lucky woman.

They’ve drunk beer and champagne in the store to celebrate their victory and went home to hide the golden ticket in an underwear drawer, before going to Auckland to collect the windfall.

“To win this amount of money is incredible and we keep thinking about how we’ll be able to help people out with our winnings. We feel so incredibly lucky. But we’ll stay the same people. In fact, I think we might go out for burgers tonight to celebrate,” said one of the winners.