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Lotto news

Euromillions changes coming in September, promising bigger jackpots

Europe’s leading lottery game is about to get even more exciting in few months’ time – lottery officials prepared a series of changes, promising to offer larger jackpots more frequently. There’s still time to win a lot of money before Euromillions format transforms in September. Play now and an impressive €54.000.000 windfall could be yours!

Changes will be launched on September 27th and celebrated with a special event, but the prize pool for that night is yet to be announced. Starting jackpots in Euromillions game are set to increase from €15.000.000 to €17.000.000, and Superdraw windfalls will be larger too – lotto enthusiasts around Europe can look forward to €130.000.000 instead of €100.000.000 in these draws. The format changes will be celebrated with the special Superdraw event taking place on September 30th, with the increased prize being offered for the first time.

The jackpot cap is still set at €190.000.000, but it will stay at that amount for four draws, instead of only one. There’s also a minor change to the Lucky Star pool – there will be 12 bonus numbers to choose from instead of 11, which will lengthen the odds of winning the jackpot, but will help create even larger top prizes once the changes are put into effect. In order to enjoy these changes players will have to pay the price – €0.50 more to be precise.

Euromillions officials also introduce a lot of special European Millionaire Maker events in each of the participating countries. Existing special draws in the UK are also about to change – two UK Millionaire Maker prizes will be offered twice a week, Mega Fridays will become Mega Weeks, and a new UK Monthly Bonus Draw will offer a prize pool of £1.000.0000.

Powerball players also experienced format changes last year and started winning even larger prizes after that – try your luck with this game to become $361.000.000 richer!