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Lotto news

Powerball jackpot still on the rise, $390.000.000 up for grabs on Saturday

Powerball drawing this Wednesday night produced over 1.200.000 winners, but none of them was lucky enough to match the entire winning line. The jackpot jumped up once again, reaching $390.000.000 – play now and this incredible windfall could end up in your hands this Saturday!

The winning numbers drawn on July 20th were 6, 25, 35, 58 and 66 plus the Power Ball 5. Even though no one matched the entire winning combination, two lucky punters from New York and Rhode Island netted $1.000.000 each after correctly guessing the five main numbers. The total sum of all the prizes won that night amounted to almost $9.500.000.

Powerball jackpot hasn’t been scooped since May 7th, when the 70-year old Pearlie Smith snatched $429.000.000 and shared it with her seven children. One of the winners, Valerie Arthur, described their lottery victory as an “affirmation from God” and said they will use some of the money for charitable causes and donate 10% to the church.

Powerball isn’t the only lottery game that has been rolling over since May. On the other side of the Atlantic, Eurojackpot enthusiasts spent the last two months hoping to scoop a windfall that will change their lives for the better, but with no success. The jackpot rolled over for the ninth time last Friday night when everyone failed to match the winning numbers 12, 22, 36, 38 and 50 with Euro numbers 2 and 9. The second largest Eurojackpot prize of the year will be up for grabs tonight – play now to net €69.000.000!

Before seeing if your Powerball and Eurojackpot numbers matched, you can try your luck with Fruit Bonanza and win $153.000 in an instant!