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Lotto news

Onsted woman wins $1.000.000, thinks her kids are pulling a prank on her

Most people have a hard time believing they’ve won $1.000.000 playing the lottery and Tammy Weadock is no exception. After discovering she scooped this incredible Powerball prize, the fortunate Onsted resident thought it was an elaborate joke her children pulled on her. Play Powerball and you might be surprised to find out you’ve become a millionaire too – an incredible $422.000.000 jackpot is up for grabs!

Ms. Weadock matched the main winning numbers 3, 15, 29, 54 and 57 on July 13th with a ticket she purchased online, and came forward to claim her $1.000.000 windfall about a week later. Michigan Lottery’s online game service centre gave her a ring to inform her she’s the latest Powerball winner, but the lucky woman thought it was a prank call at first.

“My first thought was that one of my kids was playing a joke on me. I even asked if the person calling was a friend of my son or daughter,” explained the winner.

While she was talking on the phone, her husband was waiting to hear what happened and he got so anxious that he started walking around their car time and time again.

“I read his lips as he asked me ‘How much did you win?’ When I told him it was $1.000.000 he started screaming and running around the car,” said the fortunate woman.

When it comes to plans for the future, The Weadocks intend to pay off some bills, take a family vacation, and invest in their small computer security service business in Ann Arbor.

“We’ve owned our business for 30 years and it can be stressful. Since we learned we won this money we’ve been thanking God for the blessing and planning how to spend it to make sure we do the right thing,” said Ms. Weadock.