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Lotto news

Hamilton County family claims $536.000.000 Mega Millions windfall

Buying lottery ticket on a whim paid off in the most wonderful way for one fortunate family from Indiana – they’ve become $536.000.000 richer overnight when they scooped the third largest windfall in Mega Millions history a couple of weeks ago. Your life could also change in a blink of an eye with little help from SuperEnaLotto – play now to grab €116.700.000!

The members of the Hoosier family, who choose to remain anonymous by collecting their prize through Warren D, LLC have matched all the winning numbers in the Mega Millions draw on July 8th with a ticket they bought at a gas station off the I-70 exit in Cambridge City.

“The family was headed out of state on a trip for their children’s travel sports activities, as they had done many times before. On a whim, they purchased five Mega Millions tickets after seeing the jackpot was so high,” said the family’s spokesperson Lauren Littlefield.

They pulled the tickets from the pocket after returning home from the weekend trip and checked them online, only to find out all of the numbers on one of the tickets matched.

“In disbelief, they actually closed their Internet browser and tried it again, even restarted their computer. They couldn’t believe their eyes,” explained Littlefield.

According to her, the members of the fortunate family are life-long Indiana residents and don’t intend to move anytime soon because they would love their children to grow up in this state.

“They have chosen to remain private to protect the safety and well-being of their children. Their priorities are to use the winnings to pay off debt, plan for their children’s futures, and take care of their family long-term,” explained the spokeswoman.