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If the world’s leading lotteries were Pokémon GO teams

Pokémon GO fever swept the world in the last few weeks, forcing millions to leave the comfort of their couches and walk around trying to catch ‘em all. Finding Pokémon in the real world may be a big part of the game, but there’s much more to it – after reaching level 5, players are faced with a difficult task of picking their own Pokémon teams. There are many pros to each of them and that’s why it’s so hard to choose – it may remind avid lottery players of selecting what game to try their luck with, when they all offer them an opportunity to change their lives forever.

1. Team Valor – Powerball

The red team is defined by strength and power and those who join it have a reputation for being competitive and hungry to prove themselves. According to the team’s leader Candela, hard training is the best way to gain true strength, necessary to beat the competition. Powerball is definitely Valor of the lotteries – its jackpots are always the most impressive ones, attracting number of players other games can only dream of. Becoming the most in-demand lottery game in the world took some effort, since Powerball prizes became much larger after format changes from last year.

2. Team Mystic – Mega Millions

Blanche, the leader of the blue team is all about evolution and calm analysis, and her approach to Pokémon training is purely logical and academic. The key word here is “patience” and Mega Millions players very often need a lot of it. Odds of winning are not as low as with some other games, so it very often takes months for someone to scoop the top prize. Members of team Mystic believe that keeping calm is all it takes to succeed and Mega Millions players usually feel the same way, because life-changing windfalls are always worth a wait.

3. Team Instinct – SuperEnaLotto

The main motto of the yellow team, led by Spark, is that you can’t lose when you trust your instincts. The key to success is believing that your gut can take you in the right direction, and that’s exactly the kind of encouragement SuperEnaLotto players need. With odds of 1:622.614.630, this game can only be won by the most fortunate of people and if your instinct is telling you to try your luck with it, now’s the time – €117.900.000 windfall awaits!