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Lotto news

Life-saving operation leads Welsh woman and her family to £61.000.000 jackpot

Two days before buying a lottery ticket that would turn her family into the UK’s latest Euromillionaires, Sonia Davies from Monmouth had a life-saving cancer operation and felt like she “cheated death”. Her winning streak continued last Friday night, when the ticket ended up winning an astonishing £61.000.000 windfall. It’s time for you to become a multi-millionaire, too – play SuperEnaLotto to snatch €117.900.000!

After receiving the prize with her partner Keith Reynolds and daughters Courtney and Stephanie, Ms. Davis said she had a “rollercoaster of a week” that started with a surgery in Florida to remove a tumour on her parathyroid gland. Feeling like the luckiest people on the planet after the success of the operation, her and Mr. Reynolds called her daughter Stephanie and urged her to buy a lottery ticket for the Euromillions draw on July 29th.

“He was convinced that we were the luckiest people on the planet and definitely on a winning streak after the success of my op. Something told us we needed to get a ticket – and the rest is history,” said Sonia Davies.

Her daughter Stephanie thought her mother was mad to call her all the way from Florida, but she convinced her into buying six Euromillions tickets with her determination and insistence. When she checked the tickets two days after the drawing, she realized one of them matched all the winning numbers and looked through them a few more times with her partner Steve Powell, who was also present when they collected the prize money.

“We checked the ticket 10 times and ran around the house and locked all the doors and windows. In a crazy moment we took a few selfies with the ticket,” recalled Stephanie Davies.

When it comes to plans for the future, the group will use their new-found fortune to help out their family and friends. Ms. Davies and Mr. Reynolds also intend to buy a new car port, Courtney Davies will purchase a vehicle with automatic windows, while her sister Stephanie plans some renovations on the house she recently bought with Mr. Powell.