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Lotto news

Newlywed couple gets a $100.000 winning ticket as a wedding present

Jonathan Martin and Laura Pellizzer got many amazing presents for their wedding last month, but the most impressive one came as a complete and utter surprise. When they made a stop for gas while on the way to their honeymoon, the young couple checked their lottery ticket only to discover they’re about to start their new life together $100.000 richer.

The newlyweds got two Lotto 6/49 tickets for the draws on July 13th and 16th from Ms. Pellizzer’s parents as an addition to their wedding present. Since they were too preoccupied with the preparations, the couple forgot to check the tickets but after embarking on their honeymoon they’ve made a stop at a gas station and decided to see if their numbers matched.

“We gave the ticket to the retailer to scan and when we found out we won $100.000 we started to freak out. We said we will deal with it when we get back. There was a lot of emotion to process though as we celebrated our wedding the day before we won. We felt elated,” said the pair.

They immediately called their parents to share the lucky news – Ms. Pellizzer’s dad even came to the gas station to congratulate them and cried tears of joy while doing so. After returning from their honeymoon, Martin and Pellizzer drove to Toronto where they collected the $100.000 prize.

“We’re ready to buy a house when the time is right and a truck for Jonathan. We already treated ourselves to a honeymoon so this win takes away any worries we have. We keep thinking, ‘What an amazing way to start our lives together as a married couple,’” said the couple.

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