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What are lotto syndicates and are they a good idea?

Humans are social animals, seeking company of others at all times and playing lottery is no exception. While many people still choose to buy tickets alone, participating in lottery games with a group of friends, family members or even a total stranger is also an option, that’s becoming more and more popular as the time goes by. These groups are commonly known as lotto syndicates, and becoming part of one could lead you to a magnificent €121.700.000 fortune in the next SuperEnaLotto draw!

The first thing you have to do when joining a syndicate is finding a group of lottery aficionados who want to accompany you on this potentially life-changing adventure. You also have to decide what game you want to play, how often the tickets will be purchased, and who will be the team leader responsible for collecting the money and doing the shopping. Majority of syndicates are formed in the work place, but you can also create one with your family members, friends or even online – that’s what Gary Schei did last year and he ended up sharing a £1.100.000 Euromillions prize with 37 Facebook friends.

Many players choose to join a syndicate because it’s widely considered that being a part of one increases your chances of winning the prize. When you play lottery with a group, you pool in the money together, which has several advantages – you spend less cash than you would’ve had if played alone and also end up buying more tickets, because you have more funds at your disposal. Playing with a team also means the prize is not only yours to take, since each one ends up being equally divided between syndicate members, unless you made a different deal.

lotto syndicates

This can represent a problem for some lottery players and cause a feud between people who buy tickets together. That’s why it’s always important to remember a real reason for joining the syndicate – sharing excitement and happiness with each other, not only the money. “Euro Drivers” who collected a €24.000.000 jackpot last month are a great example of how to properly share that millionaire-making moment with your co-workers and good friends.

“This is the first money we’ve taken from the syndicate. At Christmas time there was bereavement in the family of one of the members, so we pooled some money among ourselves and gave it to them as a donation. But this is the first money we’ll have for ourselves,” said the syndicate member John Brady as they collected the prize last month.

lotto syndicates

All of this indicates that lottery syndicates are a good way to win the money, as long as two things are present – good organization and mutual respect. It’s possible to form a syndicate without any rules with people you don’t really trust, but it will most likely fall apart in an instant. If you actually want it to last, look for someone ready to commit – many group winners shared their stories of being part of a team for years and even decades before it actually paid off. It doesn’t even have to be a multi-million dollar prize, as long as you’re sharing it with people who’ve always been there for you, according to Graham Hartley, team leader of a £70.000 winning syndicate “Tyneside Trowels”.

“The peace of mind a little bit of extra cash gives you is fantastic and is an opportunity for us to really live life to the full,” said Hartley, after playing the lottery with a group of another six house-builders for more than 20 years.

lotto syndicates