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Lotto news

“Mountaineer 26” won $1.000.000 thanks to old fortune cookie numbers

Fortune cookies led to huge lottery wins more times than one, and it happened once again to a syndicate of 26 members from West Virginia. The lucky group known as “Mountaineer 26” won a $1.000.000 Mega Millions prize after using the numbers they’ve got in a fortune cookie a long time ago. They’ve missed the jackpot by only one digit, but you may be the one who takes it home – play now to snatch $52.000.000!

“Mountaineer 26” have been playing lottery together for two decades, after starting the syndicate at the West Virginia University. People came and went as the years rolled by, but recently retired Sheila Anderson was the one who kept the lottery pool going all this time and ended up sharing $1.000.000 prize with 25 remaining members of the syndicate.

“I just want to thank everyone for sticking with this. Hopefully we will win again. We play every week and I buy the tickets in advance using play slips. We have some people who give me particular numbers and some of them we use the Easy Pick. On this particular ticket that won the million, one of our group members had been using numbers she got from a fortune cookie a while back,” explained Anderson.

Other winners expressed their gratitude to Ms. Anderson for running the syndicate all this time and said they wouldn’t be where they are now if it wasn’t for her.

 “I thank God for this blessing and for Sheila and all of the other players in our group. It is a wonderful feeling to win and being in a group makes it even more special to me,” said Patrina Hower.

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