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Lotto news

A Roman holiday is in store for this $7.000.000 lottery winner

Going on a dream vacation is usually one of the first things every lottery millionaire wants to do after hitting it big, and Ivor Holloway knows exactly where he wants to go. After winning an amazing $7.000.000 windfall, this lucky Canadian man is thinking about taking a trip to the beautiful Italy. You could travel the world after the next SuperEnaLotto draw – play now to snatch €123.700.000!

Jackpot winners sometimes wait a few weeks for the news to sink in before making plans for the future, but Mr. Holloway spent much more time getting used to the fact that he’s a millionaire. He matched the winning Lotto 6/49 numbers all the way back on August 29th last year and came forward to claim the prize a few days ago.

“I knew I had to take care of a few things in my life and wrap my head around such a big win,” explained the Mississauga resident who put the winning ticket in an envelope which he stored in a drawer almost a year ago.

He bought the ticket at a Petro-Canada on York Mills Road in North York and was stunned after seeing it won him an enormous fortune worth $7.000.000.

“I stared at the screen, saw the seven zeroes and thought, ‘Great, $7.000!’ I scanned the ticket again and that’s when I realized how many zeroes there were,” recalled the lucky man, who’s now planning a big celebration with his family, a trip to Italy and a purchase of a cottage.