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Lotto news

Estonian man wins €1.155.000, the largest lotto prize in country’s history

Even though no one matched all the winning numbers in Eurojackpot drawing on Friday, it was a night to remember for Nikolai Adashkevich from Estonia. He broke this country’s record by scooping a €1.155.000 prize, the largest one ever won by someone coming from his homeland.

The winning line drawn on August 12th consisted of the numbers 6, 15, 18, 21 and 38 with bonus balls 1 and 4. Jackpot winner wasn’t produced that night, but two players from Estonia and Germany scooped around €1.155.000 each after matching the five main numbers and one Euro number. Unlike Germany, Estonia has never produced a jackpot winner before which makes this prize the largest lottery windfall ever won by someone from this country. The lucky man who managed to set the record is Nikolai Adashkevich, with a ticket he purchased in one of the shops in the small town Jõhvi.

Just like Eurojackpot, all the major lotteries rolled over this weekend, including SuperEnaLotto which currently offers the most impressive cash reward in the world. The winning line on Saturday night was 2, 25, 43, 72, 87 and 89 with Jolly number 74 and Superstar 4. The largest prize won that evening amounted to around €735.000 – it was pocketed by one lucky participant who matched five of the main numbers and the Jolly number. Prizes of smaller value ranged from €5 for matching just the Superstar to almost €38.000 for matching five of the main numbers and the Superstar. A life-changing €123.700.000 windfall is currently up for grabs – don’t miss your chance to snatch it on Tuesday!