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Lotto news

Spanish punter scoops a €55.000.000 Euromillions jackpot

It’s been less than a month since a Welsh family netted more than €72.000.000 playing Euromillions and the most popular lottery game on the continent already produced another jackpot winner! An astonishing €55.000.000 windfall was grabbed by one fortunate Spaniard last night and the jackpot has been reset to €15.000.000.

The ticket holder from Spain was the only one who correctly matched the winning line 5, 6, 22, 25 and 34 with Lucky Stars 5 and 7, but many other players had a reason for celebration. Nine participants who failed to match one of the Lucky Stars became almost €158.000 richer – Spaniards were also the luckiest of the bunch when it came to second prizes, since four of those players actually come from this country. Six additional ticket holders pocketed €79.000 each, after correctly guessing the five main numbers.

Even after this amazing victory, Spain still holds the second place on the list of the countries with the most Euromillions jackpot wins. France is in the lead with 79 jackpot winners, but things are looking pretty good for Spain at this moment since it has only one victory less. Everyone else is pretty far behind – Portugal and the UK are currently sharing the third place with 59 jackpots scooped by residents of each.

Spanish top prize winners usually choose to stay anonymous after receiving their windfalls – the largest one ever won by someone from Spain was worth over €137.000.000 and it went to a Parla resident who didn’t want to share their identity with the public.

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