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Using special dates when playing lottery - good or bad idea?

About a week ago two best friends from Virginia won an amazing $1.000.000 lottery prize after using a combination of family birthdays to pick their numbers. It may seem as an extraordinary occurrence to people who don’t follow lotto news closely, but in reality it happens quite often. Dozens of winners snatched significant prizes this way, but what’s the reason behind it – are special dates really that lucky and are you increasing your chances of winning by using them?

Even though news headlines may make you believe using important dates seems like a good idea, since many people ended up winning this way, the truth is quite different. When looking for numerical inspiration, many lottery players tend to be sentimental and use birth and anniversary dates, making this the most common way of picking lottery combinations. Some of them eventually end up scooping impressive prizes, but the number of winners pales in comparison to those players who were left empty-handed after using special dates in hope of big fortune.

In reality, you’re only decreasing your chances of hitting the jackpot if you look at the calendar for numerical inspiration. All the draw games on Multilotto have more than 31 balls in the drum and by sticking to the “special dates” strategy you’re automatically alienating a lot of higher numbers outside of that range. Even if you end up scooping a jackpot by using them, you will most likely have to share it with others since a lot of people select their lucky combinations exactly the same way.

That being said, using special dates isn’t an awful idea, as long as you mix it up a little bit and pick few numbers over 31 to increase your chances. Try doing it in the next SuperEnaLotto draw and you could end up with €128.800.000 in your bank account!