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Lotto news

Worthington man wins $1.000.000 with a ticket lost inside his Jeep

At the end of July Teddy Harbert from Worthington purchased a Powerball ticket that ended up winning $1.000.000, but he spent all this time thinking it was lost forever. It took some time for him to find it stuck inside of the console of his car, but he’s now finally able to enjoy his fortune after claiming the prize a few days ago. Follow in his footsteps and become the next Powerball millionaire – a $142.000.000 jackpot awaits!

Mr. Harbert matched the five main winning numbers 11, 17, 21, 23 and 32 in the Powerball draw on July 30th with a ticket he purchased at the Circle K in Worthington. His daughter was the one who realized that he had the ticket, but the fortunate Worthington resident couldn’t remember where it was and that’s when the search started.

“I had put it in the console of my Jeep and it fell through and I couldn’t find it. Several days went by and I told some of my friends that I had it and couldn’t find it. So, finally I went through the Jeep and was ready to clean it out completely when I found it stuck down the side of the console. That was a relief,” explained Mr. Harbert.

He plans to celebrate the win with a trip to Alaska with his friend, while the rest of the money will go towards his retirement and helping his family out. He doesn’t intend to quit his jobs as an electrician and will keep trying his luck with the lottery even after scooping $1.000.000.

“I am still playing. I have played the lottery for a long time and I enjoy it. I bought a few tickets the day after I won,” said the fortunate man.

Mr. Harbert was only one digit away from hitting the jackpot, but he’s not giving up yet and neither should you. SuperEnaLotto is offering a magnificent €128.800.000 prize right now – play to take it home!