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Lotto news

Burnaby woman to treat her husband to a new pair of shoes after $1.000.000 win

Many lottery winners like to buy little presents for their loved ones after scooping a major prize, and Linda Spruston is no exception. Thankfully, her husband is really humble – even though his wife became $1.000.000 richer, he only wants a new pair of shoes. You could also treat your nearest and dearest after the next SuperEnaLotto draw – an astonishing €131.000.000 jackpot awaits!

The fortunate woman from Burnaby scored the $1.000.000 prize in Lotto Max’s Maxmillion draw on August 12th with a ticket purchased at the lottery kiosk in the Lougheed Mall. Ms. Spruston was very excited to find out she matched enough numbers to scoop a big fortune and described winning the lottery as “a wonderful feeling”.

“There are times I’m on the SkyTrain, and I just want to grab somebody and tell them I’m a lottery winner!” said the lucky woman.

She plans to share the fortune with her whole family, starting with her husband who already asked for a new pair of shoes, even though he could’ve afforded them before the win. The rest of the windfall will go towards paying off their mortgage and donating money to charities.

“My husband and I don’t have anything we want or need. Most of this money will go to my six children and my two sisters to make their lives easier. I will give a generous amount to Children’s Hospital because one of my daughters received a lot of help and support at the hospital,” explained Ms. Spruston.

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