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All you need to know about the German Lotto, aka the 6Aus49

The Germany Lotto is one of the biggest national lotteries in Europe, with millions of tickets sold every week. Also known as the 6Aus49, which is a reference to its format, the Germany Lotto has big payouts, cheap tickets, and a whole lot more.

The Germany Lotto was founded over half a century ago and in that time, it has generated tens of billions of Euros for local communities in Germany. The vast majority of this money has come from German players, but nowadays sites like Multilotto, give players from around the world the chance to bet on the outcome of the 6Aus49!

In this guide to the 6Aus49, we’ll tell you everything you need to know, ensuring you’re ready and raring to go with one of Germany’s most popular lottos.

Keep reading to learn about:

  • Hot and cold Germany Lotto numbers
  • How to play the 6Aus49
  • How to buy tickets
  • Maximum and minimum jackpot totals
  • How to collect your money
  • Where you can bet on the outcome of the 6Aus49

And more…


What is the German Lotto?

Also known as 6Aus49, the Germany Lotto is the national lottery of Germany, but its jackpots are also available to most non-German players online through sites like Multilotto. The name 6Aus49 roughly translates to “6 from 49” and refers to the way this lottery is played.

Keep reading for more information on that.

But first, let’s cover a few of the basics:

The Germany Lotto is organized by the Deutscher Lotto und Totoblock, or the “Germany Lotto and Totoblock”, which was founded to bring together different state organizations and allow them to operate as one. 

The very first Germany Lotto draw took place on October 1955 and all states had joined by 1959, with additional regulations being set in 1962. Since then it has become a hugely popular lottery.

Just take a look at these stats:

In 2007, the annual turnover of the Germany Lotto and Totoblock passed €7 billion, a staggering sum of money that reflects just how big the 6Aus49 lottery is and gives you an idea of just how beneficial it has been for local communities.


When are the Germany Lotto Draws?

The Germany Lotto draw takes place twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday. The draws run at 6:25 pm and 7:25 pm (CET) respectively. 6Aus49 lotto tickets are available for purchase up to an hour before this time; tickets for the next lottery will then be on sale shortly after the 6Aus49 results have been announced.

To play this lottery, you either need to buy tickets before every draw or sign up for a subscription. A subscription will ensure your numbers are played every draw without fail. This means you don’t need to worry about missing the cut-off time for the draw.

And that’s not all.

If you win with a subscription, the money will be added to your account automatically. You can use this to buy more tickets, play more games, or withdraw to your chosen payment method.


How Does the Germany Lotto Work?

The format used by the Germany Lotto is one of the simplest you will find and requires a few simple steps.

Here’s the deal:

You need to pick 7 numbers in total: 6 Main Numbers between 1 and 49 and 1 Bonus Number. Choose your numbers, pay your money, and cross your fingers.

That’s all there is to it.

You can play as many lines as you want for every 6Aus49 draw, either selecting the numbers yourself or opting for the QuickPick, which randomizes the selection for you.

It’s often believed that the QuickPick feature is somehow inferior to selecting the numbers yourself. However, it is an entirely randomized process and when you consider that the lottery draw is also randomized, it makes perfect sense.

By all means, select the numbers yourself if you have the time and the inclination. As we’ll discuss further down when talking about hot and cold Germany Lotto numbers, this manual selection process provides one major benefit that makes it worthwhile. However, if you’re short on time or don’t see the point in manual selection, QuickPick is the perfect alternative.


What are the odds of winning 6Aus49?

The biggest prize on the 6Aus49 returns odds of 1 in 139 million, the same odds found on EuroMillions. These are substantial odds, but they are more favourable than the ones found on other big lotteries. 

In fact, you are more than twice as likely to win the Germany Lotto jackpot than you are the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots. You are also more than four times as likely to win the 6Aus49 jackpot than the SuperEnaLotto jackpot.

And that’s not all…

Bigger odds mean more frequent rollovers. It also reduces the odds of multiple jackpot winners, which means if your numbers come in there’s a good chance you’ll have the money all to yourself.

See below for a full list of 6Aus49 odds:

  • Jackpot (6+1) = 1 in 139.838.160
  • Second (6) = 1 in 15.537.573
  • Third (5+1) = 1 in 542.008
  • Fourth (5) = 1 in 60.223
  • Fifth (4+1) = 1 in 10.324
  • Sixth (4) = 1 in 1.147
  • Seventh (3+1) = 1 in 567
  • Eighth (3) = 1 in 63
  • Ninth (2+1) = 1 in 76

These odds are subject to change and it’s actually very common for lotteries to change their odds. However, this is done by adding additional numbers to the selection process and this is something that the organizers of the Germany Lotto have avoided over the years. As a result, these odds, and the selection process, will likely remain the same way for many years to come.


How much money do you get if you have 6Aus49 numbers?

The 6Aus49 breakdown prizes are substantial, to say the least. The jackpot has a minimum of €1 million, which means it will never go below this amount. Every time it is won, the jackpot will revert to €1 million and will grow from there.

There is no maximum jackpot limit, however, and there are many big prizes to win across the board. The actual amounts change depending on how many tickets have been sold and how many winners there are per prize, but we have quoted some rough averages below to give you an idea:

  1. 6 Numbers + Bonus Ball = €4.4 million
  2. 6 Numbers = €870,000
  3. 5 Numbers + Bonus Ball = €8,300
  4. 5 Numbers = €2,700
  5. 4 Numbers + Bonus Ball = €150
  6. 4 Numbers = €38
  7. 3 Numbers + Bonus Ball = €16
  8. 3 Numbers = €9
  9. 2 Numbers + Bonus Ball = €5

There are additional games that run alongside the Germany Lotto and are managed by the same organizers. These games provide local players with some additional options, much like the bonus games applied to EuroMillions, UK Lotto, and Irish Lotto. 

However, as is so often the case with these additional games, they don’t generate as many ticket sales and their prize pools are much smaller.


Who Can Play and In What Countries is it Available?

The 6Aus49 may be the national lottery of Germany, but you don’t need to be German to play it. You don’t even need to live there. This is one of the most common misconceptions concerning national lotteries. 

Here’s the deal…

There’s nothing stopping you from buying a Germany Lotto ticket when you are in Germany; there’s nothing stopping you from cashing it either. There are absolutely zero restrictions with regards to country of residence and nationality. However, you can only buy and cash the ticket with a licensed German vendor. So, if you buy a ticket while on vacation in Germany, make sure you’ll be in the country when the numbers are drawn.

If you’re thinking that this is an unnecessarily complicated way to play the German Lotto, you’d be right. But luckily, it’s not the only way.

Here’s the thing…

Thanks to sites like Multilotto, you can choose to play lotteries like the Germany Lotto by betting on the outcome of the lottery and this can be done wherever you are in the world. Providing you are over the age of 18 and can access the site, you can bet on the outcome of the Germany Lotto and other  lotteries. 


Where to Buy 6Aus49?

You have a few options available when it comes to buying Germany Lotto tickets. These all provide a different set of pros and cons and the best option for you will depend on where you live and what you have access to.

Keep reading to learn more.


How to play 6Aus49 Online?

You can bet on the outcome of the Germany Lotto online if you have a Multilotto account. Just sign up and use one of the many available payment methods to deposit money into your account. Once you do, then you’re good to go and can bet on the outcome of all lotteries, scratch cards and casino games available on Multilotto.

You can also subscribe so that your chosen Germany Lotto numbers are played prior to every draw. This is the easiest and most convenient way to play lotteries like the 6Aus49.

There are also many benefits to playing Germany Lotto online, including the fact that there’s no chance of losing your ticket or having it destroyed in the wash. This has happened to countless players over the years and it’s a leading contributor to one of the most staggering and shocking statistics in the gambling industry. 

Every year, millions of Euros of lottery winnings go unclaimed.

Let that sink in for a moment: Every year, lottery winnings equivalent to the GDP of a small nation go unclaimed by winners who actively and willingly purchased tickets.

The vast majority of these winnings are small, ranging from just a few Euros to €20. In some cases, it could be that the player bought stacks of tickets and was only interested in the big prizes, dismissing everything else as pointless. In other cases, it’s fair to assume that lost and damaged tickets were at fault.

Of course, no one is going to cry over a lost ticket worth just a few Euros. However, there have also been many unclaimed jackpots, including ones worth in excess of €50 million.

If you buy a physical ticket this is always a risk that you run. There is very little you can do in the event that your ticket is lost. However, if you play online then your “ticket” is always safe and there is no risk of losing it or damaging it. You won’t even need to waste your time collecting the winnings as it’s all done automatically.


How Much Does a Germany Lotto Ticket Cost?

The Germany Lotto is one of the cheapest lotteries in Europe. You can purchase a ticket for just €1, which is up to a third of the cost of many other major lotteries. There are very few games that will give you a shot at a life-changing multi-million Euro jackpot for just a single Euro and that’s one of the reasons the Germany Lotto’s popularity has endured for so long.


How to Play Germany Lotto?

To play the Germany Lotto, you first need to select your numbers. You can do this any way that you choose, but we have some information below that can help you with the selection process.

Once you have selected your 6 Main Numbers and 1 Bonus Number, simply purchase your ticket and wait for the draw. If you play the Germany Lotto online then this process will be quick, and you can see the Germany Lotto results as soon as they come in. If not, you can still use our Germany Lotto results page, or our Germany Lotto checker, to give the numbers the once-over and see if you have won anything.


How to Choose Your Germany Lotto Numbers?

Many players struggle to wrap their heads around lottery odds and statistics. It's hard to picture the sort of odds on display and that can confuse things. This is best evidenced during the number selection process.

Here is an example…

Very few players will consider choosing 6 consecutive lottery numbers, such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Instead, they’ll choose numbers that are evenly spaced, seemingly of the belief that the chances of the former appearing are much lower than the latter.

In actual fact, both sets of numbers return the same odds.

Crazy, we know!

You might be thinking to yourself, “If that’s true, then why haven’t the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 been on a winning Germany Lotto ticket”? Well, they haven’t appeared for the same reason that your numbers haven’t appeared; the same reason that every set of numbers chosen by your friends, family and 99% of the population haven’t appeared. That’s just how odds work.

However, there is an exception here that’s worth considering:

While carefully selecting numbers based on special dates and hot and cold Germany Lotto numbers won’t increase your chances, they will add some meaning to an otherwise random and crazy process. 

This meaning can make the jackpot feel more tangible, even though it’s not. It adds reason and sense to something unreasonable and nonsensical; that’s why we recommend choosing your Germany Lotto numbers based on your own strategy, whatever that strategy might be. 


Which Numbers are Drawn Most Frequently in the Lottery?

If we haven’t yet smashed your dreams of creating an effective number selection strategy, take a look at these hot and cold Germany Lotto numbers. These are the numbers that have been drawn the most and least frequently in the 6Aus49 lottery at the time of writing.

Obviously, the Germany Lotto has been running for over half a century. That’s a lot of data and no doubt some huge disparities between the hot and cold Germany Lotto numbers. So, to save our servers and your time, we’ll just focus on the last few years.


Hot Germany Lotto Numbers

The number 3 is one of the most commonly drawn Germany Lotto numbers. It has been seen twice as many times as the least drawn number in the last few years. It is well ahead of all other numbers in terms of regularity.

29, 31, and 42 come next. All these have been drawn twice as many times as the least few common numbers.


Cold Germany Lotto Numbers

So, what are those least common numbers we discussed? Well, 28 has been seen the least of all in the last few years. This is followed shortly by 26, its neighbour and another rarely seen number.

At the time of writing, 7 is one of the most overdue numbers, having not been seen for more than 6 months.

But before you rush off to play these numbers, it’s important to remember one thing:

You’re not the first person to have that idea. In fact, some of the most played numbers each week are also the numbness at the top of the “hot and cold” list. This means that a huge percentage of players believe that numbers can be on a winning streak or can in some way be “due”.

As discussed above, this simply isn’t the case.


How to Check Germany Lotto numbers?

Take a look at Multilotto’s Germany Lotto results page to get the latest numbers as soon as the lottery is drawn. You can also use our Germany Lotto Checker to discover if an old ticket has won or to look back over previous draws.

The results are available shortly after the Germany Lotto draw has taken place. The organizers will confirm the numbers and then release the data online. All major lottery portals and news sites will then publish them. This is why the results are usually published at the same time across dozens of sites.

Bookmark Multilotto’s Germany Lotto results page and check back regularly to get this information as soon as it comes in. You can also simply purchase a bet on the outcome of the Germany Lotto and change your notification settings so that you receive an email every time you win. This way, you don’t need to spend any time waiting around and furiously clicking “refresh”. You can simply wait for that good news email to arrive.


How is the Germany Lotto Jackpot Paid?

The largest-ever Germany Lotto jackpot was over €45 million and was split between three ticket holders in 2007. This big win came after many rollovers, with the jackpot growing substantially following each draw.

As with all lotteries, the Germany Lotto jackpot rolls-over to the following draw if there are no jackpot winners. This will continue until it reaches the rollover limit of 13. 

This is when things get really interesting.

Once the rollover limit is reached, the ticket money will continue to be added to the prize pool, but all additional funds will be used to bolster the secondary prize as opposed to the jackpot. This means there is a limit on how big the jackpot can grow, after which all other prize tiers begin to benefit.

However, the relatively low odds of the Germany Lotto mean it’s very rare for the jackpot to rollover this many times. Typically, a rollover or two is enough to trigger a huge boost in ticket sales, after which the total pool of non-winning number permutations drops and the chances of there being a winner grows.

The average number of rollovers for this jackpot is between 3 and 4. To put this into perspective, the average number of rollovers for the Italian Lotto (SuperEnaLotto) is in the dozens.


How to Claim a Germany Lotto prize?

You can claim all Germany Lotto breakdown prizes instantly if you bet online with Multilotto. The money will be transferred directly into your account, after which you can use it to buy more bets or withdraw to your bank account.

If you have purchased a physical ticket, simply return it to the store where you bought it. They will give you a cash prize and will take the ticket from you.

But here’s the thing…

If you have won one of the bigger prizes, from the Germany Lotto jackpot itself to the prizes above €2,000, simply phone the number on the back of the ticket. They will advise you on what you should do next and will ensure that you get what is owed to you in the safest and fastest possible way.


The Advantages of Playing Germany Lotto Online

Online lottery bets have provided this industry with a much-needed boost. Lottery tickets were on the decline for some time and in some lotteries that remains to be the case. However, the advent of online lottery portals like Multilotto has provided a massive lift, giving organisers more reason to keep those big games coming and giving players more incentive to buy their tickets every week.

An online ticket cannot be lost down the back of a car seat or sofa cushion; it can’t be damaged in the wash after being left in your back pocket; it won’t be lost on the way to the shops. In fact, you don’t even need to take it to the shops to collect your winnings, as all of that is done automatically as soon as the results are announced, which means you’ll have your winnings before you even realize you have won!

And don’t worry if you enjoy the thrill of checking your numbers yourself. You can still do this. Simply turn off winning notifications, print-out your tickets and then check them against the live draw. You’ll get all the joys of playing with a real ticket, but with the added convenience and security of online play...

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