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Auckland Couple Lost For Words After Discovering $16.250.000 Lotto Win

Discovering you hit a $16.250.000 jackpot is an amazing, but also an extremely shocking experience. That’s why it doesn’t come as a surprise that one lucky player from New Zeeland was lost for words after finding out she won this prize.

Anonymous woman from Auckland was busy cleaning her kitchen when news on the radio suddenly caught her attention. It was announced that someone in her area scooped the $16.250.000 jackpot and she decided to check her numbers right away.

“When I saw how much I had won, I started shaking and bouncing around the room. I was laughing and crying [and] trying to call my husband at the same time, but he wasn’t picking up. I think I called him at least ten times in the space of a couple of minutes,” recalled the player from Auckland.

Her husband had a hard time figuring out what happened, but sound of his wife’s voice made it clear she’s not joking around. He decided to race home as soon as possible, while his wife killed time by exercising on stationary bike – as one does after discovering they’re about to receive $16.250.000.

Couple’s victory is still fresh, but they already have a pretty good idea what to do with the money. They’ll celebrate the lucky news with a nice lunch, before sharing the fortune with their loved ones.

“We can do a lot more now – help out the people we love and spend more quality time together. We’re going to invest the majority, help out our family and friends, give some to charity and do some travel – maybe the Inca Trail. We have a lot more opportunities now, that’s for sure,” said the $16.250.000 winner.


Source: stuff.co.nz

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