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Busch Gardens vacation leads to a $1.000.000 Powerball victory

Going on a vacation usually means you’re going to return home with empty pockets, but not in case of Jonathan Jones. After taking a trip to a famous theme park Busch Gardens, the fortunate Williamsburg resident ended up scooping an amazing $1.000.000 Powerball windfall. Matching all the winning numbers could lead to a $356.000.000 victory – buy your ticket HERE and this life-changing amount of cash could end up in your hands!

Mr. Jones correctly guessed the winning numbers 5, 32, 44, 53 and 60, but missed the Power Ball 9 in the Powerball draw on July 22nd. He was visiting Busch Gardens with his family at the time and decided to buy a Powerball ticket – his quick pick was purchased at the Terrace Grocery located on 1102 Penniman Road in Williamsburg, which received a $10.000 bonus for selling it. Scooping $1.000.000 provides a person with an opportunity to change their life for the better, and that’s probably what Mr. Jones intends to do, but he didn’t share any immediate plans after collecting the windfall. It was revealed he works for a roofing company, but it’s not known if he intends to quit his job any time soon.

The month of July has proven as a good time for several tourists, including Michelle Faysal, who scooped a $1.000.000 Mega Millions windfall just a couple of days before Jonathan Jones. Despite the fact she’s a resident of Canada, the fortunate woman scooped this amazing amount of money while visiting the US and explained what inspired her to try her luck with a foreign game.

“I like playing the lottery when I visit the states, but had never played Mega Millions before. The clerk explained the game to me and I bought five easy pick tickets,” said Faysal.

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