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Can I Play SuperEnaLotto in the UK?

The SuperEnalotto is an Italian lottery that was launched in 1997 and has since grown into one of the most played lotteries in Europe. The odds may not be great, and this lottery spends a lot of its time rolling over. But that creates some huge jackpots, which is why the SuperEnalotto jackpot has broken several records over the last couple decades.

To learn more about the SuperEnalotto jackpot and the lottery itself, including if you can play in the UK and why you would want to play, keep reading.

What is the SuperEnalotto?

In the 1950s Italy created the Enalotto, which operated more like a football pools than a standard lottery. Players had to place either a “1” a “2” or an “X” into a series of 12 boxes and they scored points depending on how many correct boxes they had. If a number was between 1 and 30, it was a “1”; if it was between 31 and 60 it was an “X”; if it was between 61 and 90 it was a “2”.

To make matters even more complicated, each number was drawn from a different lotto in a different Italian City, with both Rome and Naples supplying two numbers.

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In 1996, the lottery was acquired by SISAL, a leading Italian gambling brand, and they launched the SuperEnalotto a year later in 1997. At this point they changed the system so that players chose actual numbers, and it seemed to work as they sold ten times more lines, sending the revenue and the prize pool through the roof.

How Much to Play SuperEnalotto

A standard SuperEnaLotto line costs just €1 and consists of 6 numbers between 1 and 90. You can choose to play multiple draws or a single draw, with each draw adding another €1 to the price.

If you add an extra 50 cents to your line then you can play the SuperStar (not available at Multilotto), which unlocks eight additional prize tiers and adds an extra couple million to the jackpot.

Where to Play SuperEnalotto

In Italy you can play SuperEnaLotto at authorized locations nationwide. If you are in another country you can used regulated gambling brands like MultiLotto, who provide players with access to a host of lotteries, including the SuperEnalotto.

If played in Italy then each line also comes with an Instant Win. This provides a 1 in 500 chance of winning an instant €25 sum, with 8.4% of the total prize pool going to fund this amount.

Can You Play SuperEnalotto in the UK?

You do not need to be Italian to play the SuperEnalotto. Providing you are of legal age and can bet on the outcome, then you can play. In the UK, the best place to buy these lines is through sites like MultiLotto, as discussed above. This site is licensed to operate in the UK and as well as this Italian lottery you can also play domestic lotteries from the United States, Ireland, Brazil, Spain, Germany, Finland, and many more.

The Jolly

The bonus ball in the SuperEnalotto is known as the “Jolly”. This functions like the bonus ball used in the UK National Lottery and other domestic lotteries, and not like the Lucky Stars used in the Euromillions. In other words, it is a ball not chosen by the player, but one that can help them to climb the prize tier when matched along with main number balls.

Find SuperEnalotto Results

The SuperEnalotto draw takes place at 8pm CET every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and you can buy lines up to half an hour before every draw. These dates are subject to change during public holidays and all draws take place in Rome.

Find all SuperEnaLotto results online here at Multilotto.

Odds of Winning SuperEnalotto

Your odds of winning the SuperEnalotto are slim, over 1 in 622 million in fact. This means you are twice as likely to win the Powerball, nearly 5 times as likely to win the EuroMillions, and more than ten times as likely to win the UK National Lottery.


The reason these odds are so high is because there are a total of 90 numbers, as opposed to the 35 to 60 that other lotteries use, and you need 6 of these to win the jackpot.

Your odds of winning any prize, however, are a very respectable 16 to 1.

SuperEnalotto Prize Structure

With a standard SuperEnalotto you start winning money when you land just 2 main number balls. The amount you win will depend on the draw, but we have provided some average wins below to give you an idea:

  • 2 Main Numbers = €5
  • 3 Main Numbers = €26
  • 4 Main Numbers = €350
  • 5 Main Numbers = €53,000
  • 5 Main Numbers + Jolly = €590,000
  • 6 Main Numbers = Jackpot

Many players choose to pay a little extra and unlock the SuperStar. When they do, they unlock an additional 8 tiers:

  • SuperStar Only = €5
  • 1 Main Number + SuperStar = €10
  • 2 Main Numbers + SuperStar = €100
  • 3 Main Numbers + SuperStar = €2,600
  • 4 Main Numbers + SuperStar = €34,000
  • 5 Main Numbers + SuperStar = €1,1 Million
  • 5 Main Numbers + Jolly + SuperStar = €1,5 Million
  • 6 Main Numbers + SuperStar = Jackpot + €2 Million

40% of the amount goes to fund the lowest prize tier, as this is the one that pays out the most. 17.4% goes to fund the jackpot.

The Biggest SuperEnalotto Jackpot

The biggest SuperEnalotto jackpot ever was won by a syndicate of 70 players, proving that syndicates do work and that bigger is better. This syndicate won €177.7 million in 2010, breaking the record for the biggest domestic lottery jackpot in history, a record that remains to this day. It took 8 months of rollovers for the SuperEnalotto jackpot to reach this amount.

The biggest prize won by a single player occurred 6 years later when a player scooped €163.5 million. In this case, the lucky winner had purchased the SuperStar, which increased their winnings by €2 million and cost them just €0.50 extra.

There have been several more winners of more than 100 million Euros, which is considerably more than the SuperEnalotto minimum jackpot of just €2 million and speaks volumes for the success of this lottery, as well as the likelihood that it will rollover every time it is drawn.

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