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Can you predict lottery numbers?

The classic lottery has long been by far the most popular game for Finns and many other nationalities for a long time. The dreaming of winning a multi-million jackpot, TV raffles and numerous commercials for the weekly lottery games have made this a popular favorite. 


To pick the winning line is the cornerstone of the whole game. Lotto is an easy game and the rules are always pretty simple. Lotto's great popularity is based on the ease of the game. In the lottery, you have the opportunity to win large sums without having to practice and study the rules of the game for hours.


Depending on the lottery you choose, you can buy a lottery ticket from a store or online. Many players have switched to playing the lottery entirely online because it is easy and fast. It is also safer to play because your electronic tickets are always stored on our online site.  Always remember to play only on trusted sites, as there are also a lot of scams circulating on the internet. The Multilotto site is a reliable and versatile online gaming site with a lot of loyal users around the world. Playing with Multilotto is really easy and fast and Multiloto pages are easy to browse. In addition, we offer clear instructions and tips for playing each different lottery. 


The basic theory of lottery


Through the internet, the player can choose the numbers at the same time, for example, for the Eurojackpot and the giant Powerball -lotto. The rows are struck in the same way as if a ticket is bought from a store: 


  • The player can choose the numbers through an easy interface 
  • The lottery ticket can be paid directly online 
  • In addition, there is also, as usual, a quick line drawn by the machine itself and various system bets
  • In practice, the game bets on the correct result of physical lottery
  • However, the probabilities remain the same and the winnings will be paid out as usual.


You have to choose the winning numbers to get wins, also you can choose boosted jackpot*, that will make your winning bigger. For the jackpot, all the numbers need to match. 

*: Multilotto offers boosted jackpots of Lotto 2020, Powerball, Megamillions and Finland lotto.


Calculating the probability of winning the lottery


The probability of winning the lottery is calculated as follows:

Let's take for example the Veikkaus Finland Lotto. Finland lotto has seven numbers that are selected from between 1-39. The probability that the first drawn number hits a line is 7/39, because there are seven numbers out of 39 in the line played.

The probability that the second number of hits is 6/38. There were originally 39 numbers, one of which has been drawn, so there are only 38 numbers left. And in order to hit the full match, it must be one of the six numbers remaining in a row. 


Continuing with the same logic, we get a calculation:

(7/39) * (6/38) * (5/37) * (4/36) * (3/35) * (2/34) * (1/33)

= 0.000000065015544891706

= The probability of winning the Veikkaus Lotto is approx. 0.0000065%



Lottery games are always based on luck


It is always good to remember that the lottery is a game based 100 % on luck, and the winning numbers are always drawn completely at random. There is no way to predict the future lottery numbers in advance. Yes, there are heaps of tips on the Internet on how to predict the right numbers, but you shouldn’t believe that blindly.


Some players still want to study the results of past draws, and analyze them. Players draw conclusions based on the cold and hot numbers in the draws. Cold numbers refer to those numbers that rarely get lost in the right lottery lines. Hot numbers, on the other hand, are particularly common among real lottery numbers. Here, too, two kinds of conclusions can be drawn, depending on the point of view: Perhaps rarely drawn numbers do not appear in the next draw either, or perhaps the lottery line of the next draw is based on precisely these numbers. The most common numbers that are chosen are different in different lottery games. You can inspect the previous drawing results and choose them or choose the numbers by intuition, either way, there is no guarantee that those numbers will bring you a win or hit the jackpot.




Predicting the numbers is basically impossible, so however you choose them is up to you. 

By playing the lottery online at Multilotto, you can place orders, compare different lotteries and participate in many international lotteries at the same time at Multilotto. Redeeming winnings is surprisingly easy. Take part in many lotteries at the same time. So we wish you luck on your journey to hit the jackpot.

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