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Devotion to Powerball leads Belleville man to a $1.000.000 victory

Avid lotto players often have their favourite games, and Michael Doyle of Belleville is no exception. When a store clerk accidentally sold him the tickets for the wrong one, he didn’t miss the draw like most people would – he bought another pair of Powerball tickets and pocketed $1.000.000. The jackpot has risen to $115.000.000 in the meantime and it could be yours on Wednesday night!

Mr. Doyle correctly guessed the five main numbers 6, 21, 41, 52 and 62 in the Powerball draw on September 2nd with one of the tickets he purchased at the Belleville Fuel Mart. He bought a couple of Mega Millions and Powerball quick picks on Friday, but quickly realized they actually sold him the tickets for a different game.

“The next day, I stopped to get gas on my way to a friend’s house and when I opened my wallet to pay for the gas my lottery tickets fell out. That's when I saw I had Lotto 47 tickets instead of Powerball. So, I asked the clerk at the gas station for four Powerball Easy Picks,” recalled Mr.Doyle.

A couple of days after the draw took place he heard the news about someone from Belleville buying a winning ticket worth $1.000.000. It didn’t take him long to realize that person is actually him, and start making plans for the future that include early retirement and purchase of a new vehicle.

"I immediately checked my tickets and have been happy and nervous ever since I realized I was the winner because $1.000.000 is so much money! For all of the times we've said: 'We wish we could,' but didn't have the money, now we can," said the 58-year-old man.

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