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Everything you need to know about the Spanish lottery El Gordo!

There are dozens of lucrative lotteries around the world those mint winners and there’s El Gordo. Compared to other lotteries, the El Gordo that’s based in Spain offers a different gaming experience and record-breaking jackpots. Also known as the ‘fat one’, this lottery is the largest and most lucrative in the world and awards millions of Euros yearly to multiple winners.


You might be wondering why an odd-sounding name is adjudged the most exciting and lucrative. Well, you just need to take a look at the prize pool this year and the number of winners to know! Last December 22, the excitement culminated in the drawing of ticket number 26590 which won the top prize. The winning number collected a prize worth €400,000 and the lucky numbers are taken out of huge shuffling bins in front of a live audience. According to The Guardian, a total of €2.24bn in cash prizes have been awarded to the winners. On top of the massive top prize, there are other smaller prizes that have been awarded to dozens of players. With these results, it’s only natural why El Gordo is considered one of the biggest lotteries to play online.


Aside from the popular Christmas lottery, there’s another ‘El Gordo’ that’s worth your time and you don’t need to wait once a year. There’s also El Gordo La Primitiva which is hosted every week and perfect for the players who can’t wait that long. And for the purpose of this article, we’ll take a look at this fun and exciting version.


Here’s How to Win in El Gordo Lottery


The best lotteries are those that are easy to play and the latest results are readily available online. A perfect example of this is El Gordo La Primitiva, a weekly lottery which boasts the same exciting jackpots and ease of gameplay without the long waiting time.


You might be wondering about the difference between the two.


For a start, the La Primitiva is available every week. To participate in this popular lottery, you are required to choose 5 numbers between 1 and 54 and pick an extra bonus number from 0 and 9. When you are betting on the outcome of this lottery online, you have the option to play and submit as many entries as you like. Once you are ready with your selection, you simply click the ‘Add to Cart’ button to finalize the transaction. Once your lines have been submitted, you simply wait for the draw time. The draws for the La Primitiva happen Mondays at 3:30 and the winning numbers online are updated in real-time.


Although this lottery is popular around the world, there are still a few questions that are often raised by players and enthusiasts. Can foreigners play El Gordo? Is this available online? And can they they take home the prizes?

Yes. Everyone is given the chance to play and enjoy El Gordo and collect prizes. And the process depends on how you intend to participate in the lottery. The most popular option is to play it online. This option allows you to bet on the results anywhere you are. Multilotto, for example, allows you to purchase lines and bet on the outcome of La Primitiva for specific draw or continuously for the next 12 months. 


When playing online, you have options and tools available like the ‘quick pick’, system game, or group play. Once you have finalized your entries for the Spain 5/54 lottery, simply click the ‘Add to Cart’ button’ to complete the transaction. Just wait for the results and enjoy your winnings if luck smiles on you. 


So go ahead, browse the website and purchase your lines for the next draw time of El Gordo!


How Much Can I Win at El Gordo?


When it comes to lucrative prizes and payouts, El Gordo is considered one of the leaders. When you play this game, you can expect 8 prize categories and the average jackpot offered by the lottery is €13.2 million. With a Spain 5/54 arrangement with the bonus number, the odds of collecting the jackpot is 1 in 31,625,100. The odds are one of the best in the business considering the prizes that come with the weekly draws. Also, these odds help push the popularity of the game online.


How to Check El Gordo Results?


To bet on the outcome of  the lottery, it’s important that you know the schedule for the draws. The Christmas lottery is hosted annually, often on the 22nd of December. La Primitiva, on the other hand, is scheduled every Sunday at 9 PM. After the completion of the draw, the results are posted instantly on the website and players are notified through several means.


The simplicity and convenience in playing the game extend to the process of checking and the verifying of the winning numbers. When you bet on the outcome of this lottery, you’ll be provided with different options on how to access the Spanish national lottery results. Here are three popular ways you can check and verify the latest winning numbers:


1. Check the results posted at Multilotto.

As one of the leading authorities in lottery games and resources, Multilotto provides players with complete access to lottery game guides and the winning numbers every week. The site posts the latest winning numbers, draw times, and the amounts that players can win. We highly recommend that you regularly check out the website for the latest information about the result Sunday draws and other announcements.


2. Sign up for free notifications.

If you’re always busy and on-the-go, then the next best thing to do is to sign up for email notifications. When you play at Multilotto, you’ll be provided with a link where you can sign up for the service.


3. Download the free Multilotto app.

Yes, you can find an app for that too. If you’re highly mobile, then the free app for Android and iOS devices are highly recommended. You need to download these apps to check out the latest results. Also, this app allows you to view the schedule of the draws and get inspiration on what numbers to play next!


Do you know what’s the best part about these services from Multilotto? 


These services are free of charge and you can get information about the Spanish national lottery results in real-time! All you have to do is make that decision to bet on the outcome of  the weekly version of El Gordo and choose Multilotto as your partner when submitting your numbers.


The Advantages of Betting Online on the Outcome of the EI Gordo


El Gordo is an exciting and highly lucrative lottery game to play online. And the entertainment value that you’ll get eventually depends on the platform where you’ll play the game and monitor the winning numbers. This is where Multilotto, a leading lottery games website, comes into the picture. As the leading destination for online lottery, it covers some of the world’s most popular games including Powerball, Viking Lotto and Mega Millions with El Gordo as one of it’s most popular services. Specifically, this platform is highly recommended for the following reasons:

  • Convenience

    Traditionally, playing lottery games requires you to visit shops and line up to purchase tickets. The experience becomes stressful if the waiting time becomes too long. You can avoid this by betting online on the outcome of the lottery. With Multilotto, you have access to an online facility where you can complete your transactions from the purchase of El Gordo lines, access to El Gordo lottery live stream, and monitoring of the winning numbers. As long as you have your device and a reliable internet connection, you can access the lottery tools and resources anytime, anywhere. The convenience also extends to the availability of lottery resources online. If you’re a new player, you can easily access game guides, tips, and statistics.


  • Instant notification of results

    You’re on top of things when you play on the El Gordo at Multilotto. As a customer of the platform, you are offered multiple options on how to track and monitor the latest results. One option is to sign up for an email notification. After signing up, the system will regularly send you emails about the winning numbers and announcements regarding El Gordo. Another option is for you to download the app for Android and iOS devices. In both options, you get instant notification of results.


  • Safety

    One of the best things about Multilotto is its commitment to player’s privacy and safety. The website operates with a license: the Malta Gambling Authority. This license is a validation of the operator to protect your financial and personal details. Also, Multilotto commits to responsible gambling thus keeping players like you safe in the long term.


How to Choose Your Numbers


Now, before you get too excited with the prospects of playing and winning, it’s important that you should get another type of guidance: picking the right numbers for Spain 5/54 famous lottery game. 


Different players have different ways and approaches when selecting their lotto numbers. In this guide, we’ll cover three tested ways on how you can identify your next winning numbers.

  • Personalize the selection of your numbers.

    For many enthusiasts, this is the way to go. They don’t just randomly pick the numbers of El Gordo. To personalize their experience, they pick numbers that have special significance to them. For example, they pick numbers based on your birthday or anniversary. Or they use the birthdays of the family members as inspiration in completing your lottery lines. The list for inspiration is long- first date, first job, address, or even personal favorite numbers.


  • Analyze historical results.

    Did you know that you can access the previous results of different lottery games? At Multilotto, you get access to all information and tools that can help you make informed decisions when playing the game. A highly recommended tool available at Multilotto is the ‘Statistics’ section where you can browse the odds and previous winning numbers for various lotteries. Simply click ‘La Primitiva Statistics’ to get information about El Gordo. When you check out this section, you’ll find the last drawn numbers, the biggest jackpots, the historical trends in the background about prizes and more importantly, the most common numbers drawn. For example, the numbers 30, 40, and 45 are three of the most popular numbers drawn. Now, you can use these details to complete your lottery lines. If you can’t think of numbers to play, just check the page for inspiration!


  • What are the most common numbers of EI Gordo?

    As previously discussed, the website offers a variety of tools for players including the ‘Statistics’ section. Check out this section if you’re looking for the most common numbers played in El Gordo. Based on the latest update of the website, the most common numbers to come out in draws are 30, 40, 45, 49, and 7. To play these numbers, simply click the green ‘Play Common Numbers’ and you will be directed to the El Gordo page. The numbers have been selected for you and the only thing you should worry about are the number of draws and amount.

Multilotto has made betting on the outcome of lotteries from all over the world, as simple as possible for you as the user.  One good example is the produced app that you can download for free and use as a great tool to stay updated with coming draws and results.

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