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Everything you wanted to know about SuperEnalotto

SuperEnalotto is the national lottery of Italy. It is one of the oldest lotteries of its kind, having been founded in 1997, and it is played all over the world. 

Italy comes to a standstill every time there is a SuperEnalotto jackpot rollover. Millions of players wait for their share of the biggest national lottery prize in Europe.

The sheer scale of the jackpot is the thing that helps to set the SuperEnalotto apart from the competition.

But there's more…

This lottery has a few other features that make it one of the best; in this guide, we'll look at each and every one of them.


What is the SuperEnalotto

The SuperEnalotto is an extension of the EnaLotto, which was founded back in the 1950s and is one of the oldest lotteries in Europe. It has consistently been one of the cheapest lotteries on the continent and up until a few years ago it cost just €1 to play two lines.

In addition to a grand jackpot and a low-cost ticket price, the SuperEnalotto lottery features some huge odds. This might sound like a bad thing, but it's not all doom and gloom.

Here's the deal…

When the odds are higher, the chances of success are lower. As a result, rollovers occur at a much greater rate. 

There are several downsides to this, including the fact that it's much less likely that your chosen SuperEnalotto numbers will win. 

But at the same time, there is one big plus: 

That win, when it comes, will be huge, equal to the sort of jackpots found on transnational lotteries like EuroMillions and EuroJackpot. 


When are the SuperEnalotto Draws

SuperEnalotto draws take place three days per week: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. The SuperEnalotto draw time is 8 pm local time, with the draws taking place in Rome.

Results from the SuperEnalotto draw will be posted online within an hour. If you play the SuperEnalotto lottery online your winnings will be paid instantly. This is one of the benefits of playing the SuperEnalotto lottery online. It means you can then use those winnings to buy additional SuperEnalotto tickets or to play other games.

All further SuperEnalotto draws are available within a couple of hours of the previous draw. You can buy tickets for an upcoming draw up to an hour before it takes place.

If you're buying your tickets just before the SuperEnalotto draw time, make sure you know which draw you're playing. 


How Does the SuperEnalotto Work

The SuperEnalotto is a little more complicated than other national lotteries, but it's still easy enough to get to grip around.

Here's the deal:

The initial step for buying a SuperEnalotto ticket is very easy: Just choose 6 numbers from 1 to 90. There are no bonus numbers. If you play SuperEnalotto online then the main numbers are the only ones you need to choose.

But here's the kicker…

There is also something known as a "Jolly" number, which works like a traditional bonus number in that it's not chosen by the player, is not needed for the jackpot, and simply creates a secondary prize.

And that's not all.

There is also a Superstar Number, which is when things get really interesting with the SuperEnalotto lottery. This number costs extra to play and it provides a significant boost to the lottery's prizes, including the jackpot.


What are the odds of winning SuperEnalotto

There are no complicated rules to learn if you want to play the SuperEnalotto. Just stay up to date with the latest SuperEnalotto news; bookmark a SuperEnalotto results page or a SuperEnalotto checker, and keep buying your tickets every week.

That's all there is to it.

There are 90 numbers, a "Jolly", a "SuperStar", and some big odds. In fact, the odds of the SuperEnalotto might surprise you.

Take a look at these:

  • Jackpot = 1 in 622 million
  • 5 and Jolly = 1 in 103 million
  • 5 = 1 in 1.25 million
  • 4 = 1 in 11,907
  • 3 = 1 in 327
  • 2 = 1 in 22

The overall odds of winning a prize on the SuperEnalotto are 1 in 20. This is considerably higher than the 1 in 318 odds used prior to February 2016, when an additional prize tier was added.

As for the SuperStar, this is a single, additional number that pays even when it lands on its own, with no other numbers present. As there are 90 numbers in total the odds of winning any kind of return with the SuperStar are 1 in 90.

However, once you start adding main numbers and the Jolly to the mix, those odds begin to climb. To win the Jackpot along with the SuperStar you need to overcome odds of 1 in 56 billion!

Staggering, right? But believe it or not, it's actually happened before.

Get a load of this:

On the 27th of October 2016, a player from Vibo Valentia matched all 6 numbers to win a jackpot of €163.5 million. They followed this by also matching the SuperStar, adding €2 million more to their prize and becoming the first (and thus far only) player to overcome those 1 in 56 billion odds.


SuperEnalotto Jackpot Size

SuperEnalotto is renowned for producing huge jackpots, even though it has one of the cheapest ticket prices. This is all down to the SuperEnalotto jackpot odds, which are some of the highest of any lottery. 

This may sound like a bad thing, but there is one huge upside.

Here's the deal…

It's not uncommon for the SuperEnalotto jackpot to rollover for weeks and even months at a time. This means that 7-figure sum becomes an 8-figure sum and then a 9-figure sum. 

And it doesn't stop there, because the SuperEnalotto doesn't have a jackpot cap. This produces some eye-watering prizes, including a massive €209.1 million jackpot that was claimed in August 2019.

Jackpots of €100 million+ are commonplace on the SuperEnalotto and because the odds are so high, these mega-jackpots usually go to single ticket holders. Let's put this into perspective by looking at a stat that will surprise even the most experienced of lottery players.

Here's the thing:

In 2016, Powerball smashed lottery records when its jackpot passed $1 billion and was eventually claimed at just under $1.6 billion. That's enough money to immediately propel the winner to the top of many rich lists, making them richer than countless actors, rock stars, and entrepreneurs.

Or rather it would have been, if that's what the winners had received.

But the prize was split between 3 ticket holders and each of them chose a cash lump sum instead of an annuity. In the end, they each walked away with $327 million, or around €293m. Once you take away tax, which many American winners have to pay, the actual amount could have dropped below €200 million.

So, while the initial record sum was a good 7 times larger than the record sum on the SuperEnalotto, by the time the ticket holders actually got their money, they ended up with a similar amount.

Keep this in mind the next time you reject the SuperEnalotto on the assumption that there are bigger lotteries out there!


How much money do you get if you have SuperEnalotto numbers

The SuperEnalotto has much higher odds than other national and transnational lotteries. However, it's also cheaper, as discussed already, and it rewards several major prizes in addition to the jackpot.

For a list of SuperEnalotto breakdown prizes, along with average payouts, see below:


  • 2 Numbers = €5
  • 3 Numbers = €26
  • 4 Numbers = €350
  • 5 Numbers = €53,000
  • 5 Numbers + Jolly = €590,000
  • 6 Numbers = Jackpot

As mentioned above, there is also something known as a SuperStar. This costs more, but it boosts the prizes significantly. The odds of this landing alongside the jackpot are billions to one, but many players choose to play it because it costs just €0.50 extra and increases the number of SuperEnalotto breakdown prizes.

All SuperEnalotto breakdown prizes involving the SuperStar number can be seen below:


  • SuperStar Only = €5
  • 1 Number + SuperStar = €10
  • 2 Number + SuperStar = €100
  • 3 Number + SuperStar = €2,600
  • 4 Number + SuperStar = €34,000
  • 5 Number + SuperStar = €1,1 Million
  • 5 Numbers + Jolly + SuperStar = €1,5 Million
  • 6 Numbers + SuperStar = Jackpot + €2 Million



Who Can Play and in What Countries

Physical SuperEnalotto tickets purchased in Italy are also given an Instant Win opportunity. There is €25 up for grabs with this feature and it is awarded instantly, with many players choosing to use their winnings to splash-out on more SuperEnalotto tickets!

To take advantage of this Instant Win, look for the Magic Square game on the back of every SuperEnalotto ticket. There are four numbers on this square in total and if these numbers match the ones you have chosen in the main game, then you will win.

It's as simple as that. The odds of winning a €25 prize with this instant win are 1 in 500.

And that's not all…

The more lines you play on a single ticket, the greater your chance of winning will be as the numbers can be matched across all lines. Just remember that this game only exists for physical SuperEnalotto tickets purchased from licensed vendors in Italy.

The good news is that you don't need to be Italian to buy these tickets, nor do you need to live in Italy.

Few players realize this, but:

You can play the SuperEnalotto as a tourist. The only stipulation is that you cash your ticket in Italy. This can be tricky if you leave the country before the draw is made, so if you do buy SuperEnalotto tickets when abroad, make sure they are drawn before you head home.

If you don't plan on visiting Italy any time soon or you want a faster and easier way to play, simply purchase your SuperEnalotto tickets online.


Where to Buy SuperEnalotto

SuperEnalotto tickets can be purchased online and in person. For the latter, however, you need to be in Italy, either as a resident or a tourist. SuperEnalotto tickets are at their cheapest in Italy when bought as physical tickets, but they don't provide the same level of security or convenience that you get from online versions.


How to Play SuperEnalotto Online


Playing the SuperEnalotto online means you are betting on the outcome of the lottery. You will essentially be betting on what you think the winning numbers will be and the prizes for guessing will be exactly the same as those offered by the lottery. 

When you play SuperEnalotto online, you're safe in the knowledge that your ticket won't get lost or washed in your jeans. There is also no fear that you'll lose it on your way to the vendor, as everything is automatic, and your winnings are usually in your account shortly after the results have been announced.

With online SuperEnalotto tickets you can also use your winnings to play other games or purchase a subscription. A lottery subscription will automatically play your numbers every week, which means you don't need to worry about missing the cut-off time and you don’t need to pay a visit to your local shop every time you want to play.


How Much Does a SuperEnalotto Ticket Cost

A SuperEnalotto ticket costs €1.00 when purchased as a physical ticket and a little more when purchased online. There is also a SuperStar option, which costs €0.50 and is offered to all purchasers of physical tickets.

In the past, €1 was enough to buy two lines, which essentially dropped the price-per-play to just €0.50. In 2016 the organizers of the SuperEnalotto followed many other lotteries in increasing its stake. But even after this stake increase, the SuperEnalotto remains one of the cheapest lotteries in Europe.


How to Play SuperEnaLotto

You can play the SuperEnalotto online or offline, but you need to be in Italy to do the latter. Playing this lottery is very simple and also very cheap.

Here's what you need to do to play online:

Select "SuperEnalotto" from the above and you are ready to bet on the outcome of the draw. Choose 6 numbers from 1 to 90. Load your account with funds (try to stick to a budget and avoid going over this) and then wait.

That's all there is to it.

Once you have your SuperEnalotto ticket then we recommend keeping a close eye on the SuperEnalotto draw time or SuperEnalotto news pages, waiting for those results to come in and your winnings to be paid.

If you want to inject some strategy into your play, try playing hot and cold SuperEnalotto numbers (discussed below). 

You should also consider waiting for when the jackpots are high, as this increases something known as Expected Value (EV). For an example of how this works, imagine that someone presents you with a deck of cards and tells you to pick out the Ace of Spades at random.

You can choose any card from the deck, but you can only see your choice after you turn it face-up. There are 52 cards, which means you have a 1 in 52 chance of getting the right one. If that person says you need to pay €1 to play and you will win €10 if you reveal an ace, you’ll probably refuse.

After all, what's the point of trying to overcome 52/1 odds when you only stand to make a 10/1 gain. However, if that person offers you a potential prize of €100, you'll snap their hand off. 

And you would be right to do so.

This is essentially how EV works and its why many experts recommend playing lotteries when they near record-breaking sums of money. 

This tends to happen at least once a year with the SuperEnalotto jackpot, with many big wins coming towards the end of the year. In fact, of the 10 biggest wins, 6 were in either August or October.


How to Choose Your SuperEnalotto Numbers

You can choose your SuperEnalotto numbers however you wish. Some players like to select numbers based on important dates, such as anniversaries and birthdays, others use a random selection and hope it pays off. 

There are also those who look for hot and cold SuperEnalotto numbers, believing that certain numbers are "due" or are on some kind of hot streak. This may seem a little crazy and it certainly goes against the laws of probability, but it's good to have your own method as this adds some meaning to what is otherwise a meaningless process.

Every lottery player is trying to overcome staggering odds, the likes of which few humans can truly wrap their heads around. By using SuperEnalotto hot and cold numbers like this, or by choosing numbers based on important dates, it can feel a little more achievable.


Most Frequently Drawn Numbers

At the time of writing, the number 85 is the hottest SuperEnalotto number. It has been drawn around 50% more than the least common number, 60. As for the SuperStar numbers, the most common is 49 and the least common is 72. In this case, the difference is much more notable as 72 has only been seen 9 times at the time of writing, while 49 has made 38 appearances.

In fact, the number 72 has not been drawn as a SuperStar number for nearly 2 years!

The question is, how can this help you if you want to choose SuperEnalotto numbers based on what's hot and what's cold?

Well, while it may not help to know which numbers are at the extreme ends of the spectrum, it may help to know that, generally speaking, numbers 80 through to 90 appear more often than any other set of numbers.

In fact, of the six most commonly drawn numbers, four of them are in this set. 

And there's more…

69/70 and 80/81 are also two of the most common consecutive number sets, while 6/80 and 6/83 are two of the most common non-consecutive number sets.

That sort of pattern is actually quite rare when looking at lottery numbers and it will no doubt pique the interest of all SuperEnalotto strategists out there.

The opposite pattern can be seen with numbers ranging from 50 to 60. Four of the six least drawn numbers are between 50 and 60, as are two of the six most overdue numbers.


How to Check SuperEnalotto

You can use a SuperEnalotto checker to see if you have won a prize on this Italian lottery. These tools will check your numbers against any draw of your choosing. 

SuperEnalotto checkers are especially useful if you find a ticket behind a sofa cushion or in a back pocket (we've all been there) and you want to check a historic draw to see if you won anything. 

You can also use a SuperEnalotto checker to see if your set of numbers has appeared at any point in the past. 

Failing that, you can simply bookmark our SuperEnalotto results page and check-in after the SuperEnalotto draw time, which occurs at 8 pm every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.


How is the SuperEnalotto Jackpot Paid

The SuperEnalotto jackpot is paid as a cash lump sum, as opposed to an annuity. If you buy your tickets online, you should receive your winnings immediately. In the event of a SuperEnalotto jackpot win, then you may receive a phone call first to discuss the big win and what happens next.


How to Claim SuperEnalotto

If you play offline, keep this in mind:

You should never hand over a jackpot ticket to a teller, nor should you send it by post. That's an expensive slip of paper and you don't want to lose it.

If you win, here's what you do: 

Dial the number on the back of the ticket to talk with an expert from the lottery organization. They will confirm your win, tell you exactly how much you have won, and advise on what you should do next. 


The Advantages of Playing SuperEnalotto Online

As discussed already there are countless benefits to playing the SuperEnalotto online.

There is no need to worry about losing the ticket or damaging it beyond repair; you don't need to worry about missing a draw; you can make a purchase instantly without leaving your home; and you can subscribe to play automatically. These benefits are very useful for a lottery like the SuperEnalotto, which runs three times a week.

The main benefit, however, is that your winnings will be paid automatically, and you can change your notification settings so that you get an email when you have won. This way, you don't need to worry about looking around for a SuperEnalotto checker or a SuperEnalotto results page. Just wait for that notification email to give you the good news and then login to your account to see how much you have won! 

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