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Family barbecue leads to a $1.700.000 lotto victory

Family traditions very often lead to great things, and 17 relatives from North Carolina know this best. They’ve been playing lotto together at family gatherings for quite some time, and ended up scooping an astonishing $1.700.000 cash reward. You could also spice up get-togethers with your family by creating a lotto syndicate – it could lead you to a €110.100.000 Mega Millions windfall.

17 syndicate members from North Carolina, who moved to this state from parts of Laos and Vietnam, snatched $1.700.000 in the Cash 5 draw on June 3rd with a ticket they purchased at the Cubbard Express store in Hickory. They have a tradition of buying lottery tickets during their family gatherings, and this time around they decided to pool their money together while having a barbecue on the day of the draw.

“Every time the family gets together, the guys start speculating about jackpots,” said Mai Khou Vang, one of the winners, who correctly guessed the numbers  2, 4, 25, 34 and 38 on June 3rd.

They checked the ticket only a day later, and some of the family members had a hard time believing they are the winners of such a magnificent windfall. Individual prizes range from  $23.655 to $248.383, but it wasn’t specified how they determined the size of each share. Their plans for the future are also different, but they mostly include paying the bills and travelling. One of the winners intends to use the prize money to go to college, while another wants to take his wife to their homeland of Laos after almost four decades.

“It’s been 37 years since I’ve been back. We want to see our cousins and friends. I miss that country,” explained the winner Spencer Lo of Hickory.

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