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Lotto news

Family from Hesperia collects a $72.000.000 Super Lotto Plus jackpot

Super Lotto Plus produced one of its biggest jackpot winners at the end of January, and we finally know who the lucky owner of an impressive $72.000.000 windfall is. The prize was claimed by a family syndicate from Hesperia, who said they are still in shock and disbelief after collecting the cheque. Discover what it feels like to hold millions in your hands after the next Powerball draw – a $155.000.000 cash reward awaits!

Five members of the fortunate family became millionaires when they correctly guessed the winning numbers 9, 13, 27, 29 and 33 with bonus number 10 on January 25th. The ticket was purchased at the Cardenas Market in Hesperia, which received a $360.000 bonus for selling it.

The list of winners includes Amparo Donaldson, Keith Petersen, Monica Petersen, Arthur Santana and Yvonne Wilkinson, who started playing the lottery together on Christmas. They all invested $20 in tickets, and agreed Ms. Donaldson should buy them occasionally until she ran out of the money. On the day of the draw, Donaldson had to ask someone for a ride since it was very rainy, and she almost left the store because the line was too long. Fortunately, she decided to wait and her patience was rewarded with the $72.000.000 prize for the whole family.

Donaldson was the first to realize they matched all the winning numbers and it took a while for the news to sink in, because she kept checking them over and over again. It’s been almost two months since then, but the winners are still getting used to the fact their lives are about to change forever. They didn’t share any concrete plans with the lottery officials, but each of them intends to travel and support their family.