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Finnish player becomes €90.000.000 richer thanks to Eurojackpot

Several international lotteries offered nine-digit jackpots over the course of the last few weeks, so it was easy to dismiss Eurojackpot. While everyone was too distracted with American games, someone from Finland scooped a spectacular €90.000.000 jackpot, one of the highest windfalls in Eurojackpot history. This life-changing cash reward may be off the table, but Powerball can still make you a millionaire. Pick your lucky numbers to become $203.000.000 richer!

The winning combination that enabled this amazing victory consisted of the main numbers 7, 8, 24, 34 and 46 with Euro numbers 4 and 8. It was matched by one participant from Finland who collected €90.000.000 in the process, but Friday night gave several other players a reason for celebration. The second-tier prize for matching the five main numbers and one of the Euro numbers amounted to €3.520.000 and was scooped by eight participants – five are residents of Germany, with additional three winners coming from Finland, Norway and Croatia. The draw on February 9th also produced nine winners of the Match 5 prize worth almost €168.000.

Friday night’s draw didn’t just mark the biggest jackpot victory in Finland, but also one of the most impressive Eurojackpot wins overall. Since this game has a jackpot cap of €90.000.000, the top prize can’t keep on rising after reaching that sum. First time it happened in May 2015, one fortunate man from the Czech Republic became the richest millionaire in Eurojackpot history. He was joined by a resident of Germany, who collected €90.000.000 back in October 2016. The third time this game reached the jackpot cap, five ticket holders ended up sharing the money, receiving €18.000.000 each.

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