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Guide to the Powerball Lottery: Prizes, Rules, Draw, and More

The Powerball lottery was first drawn in 1992. Its one of Americas biggest lotteries, attracting a huge number of players and generating vast jackpot sums every week.

In recent years, thanks to the invention of online lottery portals, players can take a chance on Powerball jackpots thanks to online vendors who offer bets on the outcome of the world-famous lottery. You dont need to be in the United States to play Powerball. You dont even need a physical ticket! With services provided by operators such as Multilotto you can bet on the outcome of the lottery and receive the same great prizes! 

In this guide well show you why and how; well take a closer look at the Powerball lottery and cover everything you need to know. Well study the rules, the Powerball breakdown prizes, draw time, history, and more. We will also give you more information about betting on the outcome of the Powerball with Multilotto! 

What is the Powerball?

Powerball is the headline-making lottery that everyone wants to win. It has smashed records for its staggering jackpot payouts and never fails to impress.

Not convinced? Wait until you read this

The biggest ever Powerball jackpot reached a jaw-dropping $1.58 billion. Thats more than the GDP of Seychelles. Its reportedly greater than the combined net worth of George Clooney, Tom Cruise, and Robert de Niro!

That Powerball jackpot was an outlier, but big wins are commonplace. The average jackpot is in the hundreds of millions.

When are the Powerball Draws?

The Powerball draw time will depend on your timezone. You may want to run some calculations if you want to get the Powerball results live or maybe download the Mulitlotto app which will notify you of the results as soon as they are published. 

The Powerball draw is around 11:00pm Eastern Time every Wednesday and Saturday. Tickets can be purchased up to an hour before each Powerball draw time. 

Just remember the following:

If you miss the cut-off date for ticket sales then the option to purchase may still be available. However, you could end up purchasing tickets for the following draw so it is always important to check the draw number on your ticket. 

Check the dates of the draw to make sure its the right one. You wouldnt want to watch the Powerball draw and see your numbers come in only to realise that you bought a ticket for the following week!

How Does the Powerball Work?

The Powerball lottery works like any other major lottery. Its actually quite simple, but interesting nonetheless.

Every time you buy a Powerball ticket, the money is split between a prize pool and an additional pot used to fund good causes. The more tickets that are sold, the higher the prize pool will be and the more money will be available for good causes.

If there is no Powerball winner during any given week, the jackpot amount rolls-over into the following week. This has two big effects on the Powerball lottery and both of these are hugely positive for players.

The first and most direct impact is that the Powerball jackpot grows. Regular players keep buying their tickets and this is added to the rolled-over jackpot, ensuring it grows substantially.

A roll-over also catches the attention of the headline-writers, which generates publicity and increases ticket sales. There is a significant increase in ticket sales during this time, and its not unknown for the Powerball jackpot to double or triple in size from one week to the next.

Powerball Rules

The Powerball format has changed a few times over the years, with the pool for both the Main Numbers and the Powerball changing several times. The game has also grown significantly in this time, expanding from a lottery that regularly paid a few million to one that now has jackpots in the hundreds of millions.

There are a few rules to consider when it comes to Powerball. These are all basic and many of them wont even concern you as you buy your ticket and collect your prize:


  • Annuity or Cash: If you win the Powerball jackpot you will be asked to choose between an annuity or a cash sum. However, this only applies to the jackpot and not to the smaller Powerball breakdown prizes.
  • Additional Games: Some of the jurisdictions that sell Powerball tickets in the United States offer additional games, including the Power Play.
  • Age: You need to be of legal gambling age in your country/state to play Powerball. This is often 18, but in some areas, it is between 19 and 21.
  • Claim: If you purchase a physical ticket in the United States you will need to claim the prize in the US as well.
  • Limits: There is a minimum Powerball jackpot of $40 million, which means the jackpot will always be higher than this amount. There is no maximum jackpot, but the odds of the jackpot being won increase significantly when it passes $500 million and is highly likely when it stretches above $1 billion.


How much money do you get if you have the Powerball number?

Powerball is the biggest lottery in the world for a reason. It reaches jackpots that few other lotteries can get close to. 

Thats not all, either.

Powerball prizes are exceptional across the board. If you land several numbers then you could be in for a big payday even if you dont scoop the jackpot.

Powerball breakdown prizes are below. These are average prizes and are subject to change as the size of the prize pool will dictate the exact amount that is paid:


  • 5 Main Numbers and Powerball = Jackpot
  • 5 Main Numbers = $1 million
  • 4 Main Numbers and Powerball = $50,000
  • 4 Main Numbers = $100
  • 3 Main Numbers and Powerball = $100
  • 3 Main Numbers = $7
  • 2 Main Numbers and Powerball = $7
  • 1 Main Number and Powerball = $4
  • Powerball Only = $4


The Powerball number makes a big difference to the Powerball breakdown prizes, as you can see above. Its technically more valuable than 2 Main Numbers, as the former will win a prize whereas the latter will not. 

It can also significantly boost the value of a win. If you land three numbers without a Powerball youll get an average return of $7, but with a Powerball that jumps to $100! The difference with 4 numbers is even greater as the prize moves from $100 to $50,000 on average.

Who Can Play and Available Countries

Powerball is a US lottery, but you dont need to reside in the United States to play it. It sounds a little complicated, but its actually very simple.

Keep reading to learn more.

In many ways, Powerball is similar to EuroMillions and EuroJackpot in that it is a multi-jurisdictional lottery. Unlike national lotteries, which are organised by single organisations (such as Camelot, who organise the UK Lotto), these lotteries are coordinated by many different organisations.

These organisations each control the lotteries within their given state, such as New York Lottery and the Georgia Lottery. Most states sell Powerball tickets and therefore allow their residents to play and they are the only ones who can legally sell physical Powerball tickets.

However, there are also vendors that operate online. These lottery vendors are regulated by the local gambling authoritiesMalta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, etc. Rather than selling actual tickets, they provide lottery bets on the outcome that work similarly to the lottery.

It means that players from all over the world can participate in the Powerball draw and earn a chance at winning the Powerball jackpot. 

That begs the question: Has anyone from outside the US actually won?

The answer may surprise you.

In the past there have actually been numerous non-US winners of big Powerball prizes. To date, none of these have walked away with the jackpot (that we know of) but there have been 7 and 8 figure winners from South America, Europe, and even Iraq!

Where to Buy

Powerball tickets can be purchased from official vendors in the United States or you can choose to bet on the outcome of the Powerball lottery via vendors like Multilotto. 

You cannot buy physical Powerball tickets in countries outside the United States, at least not from official vendors. There are also six US states where they are not available.

How to Play Powerball Online

The best way to play Powerball is online. 

You can bet on the outcome of Powerball tonight if you want and you dont need to leave your house to do it!

Online betting is fast, instant, and secure. You dont need to worry about losing your ticketgoing from a Powerball winner to a Powerball loser like so many distraught players have in the pastand you dont need to worry about missing the cutoff time for the Powerball draw.

You can also subscribe. As long as the money is in your account to keep the subscription going, your lines will continue to be purchased.

How Much Does it Cost to Play Powerball ?

Physical Powerball tickets cost $2 in the United States and this gives the player 1 shot at the Powerball breakdown prizes. 

There is also something known as the Power Play, which is available in a few states. The Power Play increases the size of the Powerball breakdown prizes and the jackpot by as much as 10x, but the jackpot only increases by 10x when it is under $150 million.

Powerball bets cost more online when purchased in non-US countries. The actual cost will vary depending on several factors such as currency conversions.

How to Play Powerball

Powerball is a simple and straightforward lottery. Simply choose 5 Main Numbers from 1 to 69 and 1 Powerball number from 1 to 26. Thats all there is to it. 

You make your choice, you pay your money and you cross your fingers and hope the Powerball jackpot lands in your lap!

However you choose your numbers, you can use a Powerball checker to see if you have won or not. This will go back throughout the Powerball draw history. It can be used for every draw to provide fast results.

If you dont believe in hot and cold Powerball numbers and simply want a fast way to play then opt for the Quick Pick. This will randomly choose Powerball numbers for you and it will do so in an instant. Its a feature that many players prefer not to use, but you have just as much chance of winning the Powerball jackpot with this method as you do with a more measured one.

Keep reading to learn how to play Powerball using Powerball best numbers and other methods.

How you can choose your Powerball numbers

Believe it or not, it doesnt really matter how you choose your numbers as youll always have the same chance of success. Its hard to accept for many players, but choosing consecutive numbers from 1 to 5 returns the same odds of success as choosing 5 random numbers.

If you tell this to the average lottery player theyll say something like, If that was the case, then why has no one won the lottery with those numbers?

Fair point, but the reason is simple:

There are over 11 million different number combinations for the 5 main Powerball numbers and this jumps to nearly 300 million when you add the Powerball. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 is just one of those combinations.

Think of it another way

Imagine that you play the same five numbers every week for 20 years. Would you expect to win? Of course not. In fact, you may have already been doing that. But based on the logic of, If its possible then it must have happenedthen your numbers must also have come up!

Of course, that hasnt happened and youre not a millionaire. Dont worry, we feel your pain. The good news is that no matter what you pick, you have the same chance as everyone else.

There are some benefits to choosing random numbers as well.

The main benefit is that choosing anniversaries and other special dates help to provide meaning where there is none. This doesnt improve your chances, but it does make you feel a little better about the fact youre up against it.

It also makes it easier to remember your numbers, which is key if youre playing the same ones every week.

What are the most common numbers in Powerball?

Weve discussed the reasons why choosing Powerball numbers should be a completely random process, but what about hot and cold Powerball numbers? Is there such a thing and does it matter?

Heres the truth

There are hot and cold Powerball numbers in the sense that some appear more than others, however, this doesnt really impact future draws.

There is a belief that all lotteries will even themselves out. According to this belief, if the number 5 is drawn 10 times more than the average, then it will appear fewer times in future draws; whereas if it appears 10 times fewer than the average, it will appear in more future draws.

There is some logic to this, but once you scratch the surface you realise it doesnt make sense.

If you toss a coin five times in a row and each toss shows heads, does that mean youre more likely to throw tails next time? Of course not. There is no cosmic force affecting the throw of the coin, just like there is no cosmic force changing the draw on a lottery.

Still, its fun to see just how hot and cold Powerball numbers appear.

Powerball Hot and Cold Numbers

One of the most common Powerball main numbers is 26. It has been drawn 289 times. This is only a few times more than the second-highest number, which actually holds the second place with two other numbers, but its a big difference from the lowest number drawn, 60, which has been seen just 22 times.

Thats a massive difference that doesnt add up, right? But there is a reason

Numbers 60 through 69 were only added to the Powerball draw following a format change in 2015. Thats why all these numbers are the coldestPowerball numbers. Whats more, if you look at the next 10 cold Powerball numbers, youll see another batch that were only added to the Powerball draw in recent years.

The difference between the hottest and coldest original numbers is minor. It accounts for just a few percentage points when you do the math.

How to Check Powerball results

You can use a Powerball checker to see whether your numbers have come in. With a Powerball checker, you simply input your numbers and see if they match the recent Powerball draw, or any other Powerball draw for that matter.

This is a great way to scan the Powerball draw history. This is useful if you dig out an old ticket and want to see if it was a winner before you throw it away.

This may sound like a pointless endeavour but reports suggest that billions of dollars go unclaimed in lottery winnings every single year. Many of these wins are for the smaller Powerball breakdown prizes, but they all add up.

How is the Powerball Jackpot Paid?

Powerball may have one of the biggest jackpots in the world, but there is something that a lot of non-US Powerball players dont quite understand when it comes to those eye-watering, headline-grabbing jackpots.

Heres the thing

The advertised Powerball jackpot is released as an annuity, not a cash sum. It is paid in 30 annual instalments that increase by 5%. If we use the record Powerball jackpot as an example, the winner could have received their money in annual sums of $50 million.

Couldis the key word here though, because this annuity is entirely the players choice.

They can also choose to accept the Powerball jackpot in the form of a cash lump sum. They wont get that 5% annual boost so it will be significantly less, but they will get it all at once.

So, whats the best option?

Its entirely up to you. The vast majority of players prefer to receive the money at once. Some dont trust themselves and prefer to be paid in smaller instalments.

This is where it gets interesting though.

You see, the difference can be quite substantial. Lets refer back to the largest ever Powerball jackpot win, which was over $1.5 billion. If the three eventual winners had accepted an annuity, they would have received all of this sum over 30 years (around $50 million each, as mentioned above). As it happens, they opted for a cash lump sum and ended up sharing $983 million between them.

Thats over half a billion dollars lessa huge sum of money. But at the same time, no one is going to complain when they have over $300 million in the bank.

That leaves one important question

Which option would you choose if you won the Powerball jackpot, and why?

How to Claim Powerball

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be a US resident to purchase, play, and win the Powerball. Not only can you play on the Powerball lottery online from many countries around the world, but you can also buy a physical ticket in the United States.

However, if you win a prize with a physical ticket then you will need to collect that prize in the US. So, if you want to play Powerball on holiday in the US then by all means do, but make sure youre going to be there on the day of the Powerball draw to collect your prize if you win.

The Advantages of Playing Powerball Online

As mentioned above, Powerball tickets can be purchased in the United States by non-US residents. However, there is an easier way to play.

Heres the deal

If you play online, you wont need to be in the US to collect your prize. You can win anywhere from a few dollars to the jackpot. And you wont need to leave the comfort of your own home!

Online Powerball bets are more convenient from the moment of purchase right on through to the moment of collection. Thats the biggest advantage of betting on the outcome of the Powerball lottery online at Multilotto..

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