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Has Anybody Ever Won the Lottery More than Once?

We all dream of winning the lottery—that one line, that single moment of fortune. But believe it or not, there are many people out there who have won the lottery multiple times, people for whom winning is almost a regular occurrence! If there is a secret to success, these are the guys you need to speak to.

Bill Morgan — Two Wins, One Amazing Story

Bill Morgan has one of the most heart-warming and surprising stories in the history of modern lotteries. He suffered a near fatal heart attack following an accident and was very close to having the life support plug pulled when he woke up.

He recovered quickly and without issue and then, shortly after getting engaged to his girlfriend a year later, he won $17,000 on a lottery scratchcard. The local news station decided to cover his story and asked him to purchase a scratchcard for a reenactment. He did, and that card won him $170,000!

James Bozeman — Two Wins, Two Sets of Numbers

If you win the lottery with one set of numbers then the odds of those numbers coming up again are just the same as the odds of any other set of numbers. But many winners choose to change their numbers after a big win and that’s exactly what James Bozeman did after winning a $10 million grand prize on the Florida Lotto.

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And it turned out to be the right move, because a year later he won again, this time accepting a $3 million prize from a lottery ticket purchased at the same 7-Eleven as his previous one.

Bozeman claims to have changed his numbers for a third time and to be waiting on his third major win.

Calvin and Zatera Spencer — Three Big Wins

In 2014 this couple won big on the Powerball when they scooped a $1 million prize, but their luck was about to come in threes.

Within a period of just three weeks they won two more lotteries, taking them to a total of three. The second of these was a $50,000 win and the third was another $1 million jackpot, this time on a scratchcard.

Racy Pel & Virginia Fike — Two in One

Racy Pel was a regular player of the CA Lottery, spending $20 in lines every now and then. In December 2013 he discovered that one of his lines had won him $32,000, but to top off his good fortune he then discovered that another line had won him $50 million!

If Mr. Pel can teach you anything it’s that you should never stop checking your bets just because you find a big winner.

Virginia Fike had a similar story. She bought two lottery lines for the Powerball and missed the draw, but when she heard that there were 2 $1 million winners in the area she checked her numbers to see if she was one of them.

As luck would have it, she won both of them! Each line won her $1 million. She was so surprised that she took the lines back to the shop to ask them to confirm. And who can blame her?

Ernest Pullen — The Luckiest Man in Missouri

Ernest Pullen won $1 million on a scratchcard in 2010 but he didn’t let the winnings go to his head. The military veteran continued to work at his desk job, even though he was approaching retirement age and had all the money he could need to retire in style.


He also continued to play the lottery and to buy scratchcards, and this paid off just over a year later when he purchased anchor scratchcard and won $2 million. The Missouri Lottery said that he was the first person to win the grand prize two or more times on Missouri Lottery games.

However, that probably still wasn’t enough to convince Mr. Pullen to retire. Who knows, maybe he’s still working the same desk job and buying scratchcards to this day. Good luck to him!

Richard Lustig — Seven Wins and a Lot of Lines

Richard Lustig is one of the most famous multiple lottery winners having claimed to have won the grand prize 7 times. He wrote a book about it and his story seems to be covered every time there is a major rollover, but there are also journalists who have questioned his methods.

A lot of what he says in his book goes against statistical probability and it also seems likely that he spends a lot of money on the lottery, certainly more than the average player. But, Lustig has given out some good advice to people who play regularly, including the fact that you should keep losing lottery lines and use them to offset taxable winnings. That way, if you do win big, you won’t lose as much money in tax (assuming you live in a country where lottery winnings are taxed).

However, it seems like while luck has played a role in his success, money has played just as big of a role. There are rumours that he once spent nearly the entirety of an $800,000+ win on lottery lines, and you also have to consider that if he really did have an effective system then many of the thousands of people who bought his book to learn the system would also be multiple jackpot winners, and that just hasn’t been the case.

Joan Ginther — Another Professional

Joan Ginther, like Richard Lustig, is said to be a “professional” lottery player, using large sums of money to buy lottery lines and then investing a large portion of her winnings into buying even more.

She won $5.3 million on the Texas Lotto back in 1993 and this seemed to kick start her career as it was followed by a $2 million win and then a $3 million win in 2006 and 2008 respectively. This was then topped off by a $10 million win in 2010 when she spent a total of $50 on a lottery line and took home one of the biggest prizes.

Some estimates suggest that she bought over 100,000 lines to win these lotteries, but even if that was the case, she would still come out with a sizeable profit. Professional players like this usually start when they get a big win and then get the lottery bug, after which they invest a small percentage of their winnings back into buying more lines.

It seems to work for them, but they are still relying heavily on luck and as we have seen from some of the other multi winner stories mentioned above, that luck can often be all you need even if you just buy a handful of lines.

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