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Just launched: A great selection of online scratchcards

Our huge selection of scratchcards is finally online and you can start playing our online scratchcard games straight away.

What are online scratchcards?

Online scratchcards are very similar to the cardboard ones you get in shops and use the exact same concept of “scratching” to reveal the symbols in order to win prize money from small amounts to some really great prizes.

How to play

To play scratchcards online you will first need to choose the game of your choice from our wide selection. If you’re not sure which one to choose you also have the possibility to play the scratchcards with play money. Once you have chosen your favourite, you will need to buy your scratchcards and then it will be time to get “scratching.” If you prefer, you can also choose to simply click the reveal all button and uncover all the symbols at once.

How to win

There is no skill involved in scratchcards and all you need is for luck to be on your side. Different scratchcards have different mechanics. The most common format is to get three identical symbols and then revealing your win amount.

Here at Multilotto you will also find a selection of lottery scratchcards where you first reveal the main lottery numbers and then reveal the main scratching area to see the numbers on the ticket. If any of your numbers match the lottery numbers then you win the respective prize.

Our most popular games

777: feel the excitement of one of the most popular scratchcards games where you can win up to €7777 for €0.50

Fruity Flurry - a straightforward scratchcard where you can win up to €50,000 by matching 3 identical symbols

Super Shamrock - one of the cheapest scratchcards on offer where you can win up to €1,500.

Scratchcards are a relatively simple online casino game. The fact that there are no difficult rules or complicated strategies to remember make them a favorite with many players. This simplicity together with the possibility of a good payout - sometimes up to 50x the bet amount) is the reason why many players find playing scratchcards quite appealing. Simple, fun and with the possibility of good payouts is the essence on online scratchcards.

Time to get scratching!!

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