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Life is more exciting when you dream BIG…

That’s why we’ve launched our amazing new ‘Boost Jackpot’ feature! Enjoy massively inflated jackpots on Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroJackpot and Germany’s 6 Aus 49. 

We already offer all the world’s biggest jackpots, but with ‘Boost Jackpot’ you can inflate the ‘regular’ jackpot to a much larger amount on 4 of our most popular lotteries.

Boost Jackpot is available on Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroJackpot and Germany’s 6 Aus 49 draws.

Want to know more about how it all works? Read on!

The ultimate daily boost!

Boosting your jackpot couldn’t be simpler.

Simply click on any of the 4 lotteries that offer this exciting feature and select the boost jackpot option which is located just above the playslip.

After that just pick your numbers (or select the quickpick option) and choose how many draws you want to play for

And that’s it!

Our Boost Jackpots are pretty spectacular…

With Boost Jackpot you’ll always play for a top prize worth lots more than that available on the regular jackpot. Below we’ve listed the maximum ‘boosted jackpot’ amount available on each of the 4 lotteries that offer this feature.

Powerball $750M (€648M)

Mega Millions $480M (€415M)

Lotto 6aus49 €40M

EuroJackpot 90M

Stay in the chase and save €€

You can hunt down that dream ‘Boost Jackpot’ win with a money saving subscription.

There’s big savings on offer. In fact, if you choose a year-long subscription, we’ll knock 20% off the total price.

Also remember the added bonus of having a subscription – there’s no chance you’ll forget to pick your numbers and miss out on that dream jackpot win!

Dream BIG at Multilotto.

We’re passionate about coming up with new and innovative ways to make your playing experience with us as exciting as possible.

Why don’t you check it out now? You can start by having a crack at the biggest of them all – Powerball!

Remember, life is more exciting when you dream BIG!

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