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Lottery officials criticized for giving too much money to Scottish charities

National Lottery in the UK never fails to remind the public they donate enormous amounts of money to good causes around the country, but it turns out this money is not evenly distributed between charities located in the different areas.  Several members of the parliament recently criticized lotto chiefs for giving more cash to Scottish charities than their English counterpart, that constantly received the lowest amount of donations since the Big Lottery Fund was launched.

The annual report from the Big Lottery Fund shows that English causes received £9.32 per head – a number that seems extremely low, compared to £14.04 per person received by charities in Scotland. It was also reported that similar organizations in Northern Ireland receive £14.21 per head, while that number in Wales amounts to £14.29. Good causes from these areas, however, weren’t under attack from lottery critics, who asked for a review into how the Big Lottery Fund shares the money generated by the ticket sales.

“It is absolutely outrageous that people who buy their lottery tickets in good faith are seeing their hard-earned money being siphoned north of the border. The Scots already get far more than the English in terms of public spending – so why do they get so much lottery money on top of this?” said Nadine Dorries.

Her fellow parliament member Peter Bone agreed that the lotto officials need to look into the way they distribute money, because there are many good causes outside of Scotland that deserve and desperately need this funding.

“The Scottish already get far more in public money per head of population than the English, so you’d think in that case they’d be getting less lottery money. This is the sort of thing that annoys people in my area who are struggling to get by,” explained Bone.

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