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Love GIGANTIC Jackpots? You'll love this!

NEW! Mega Millions Max and EuroJackpot Max allow you to play for a huge set jackpot every single time!

We’re supersizing two of our most popular lotteries to bring you Mega Millions Max and EuroJackpot Max, both of which offer gigantic set jackpots that you can win every single time you play!

NEW! Mega Millions Max –Set Jackpot €550 MILLION.

NEW! EuroJackpot Max –Set Jackpot €90 MILLION!

They say ‘bigger is better’. And, while that’s not necessarily true for everything in life, it’s most definitely the case for lottery jackpots.

That’s the thinking behind our two new supersized jackpots!

Mega Millions Max – The Facts

How to play:  Exactly the SAME as the regular draw. Just choose 5 numbers from 1 – 70 and a bonus number from 1-25.

Winning chances: Exactly the same as in the regular draw!

Draw times: Make sure you get your tickets every Wed and Sat night – exactly the same as the normal draw.

The BIG difference: The jackpot of course! Play for a gigantic €550 MILLION every single time!

Get your tickets here!

EuroJackpot Max – The Facts

How to play:  You guessed it. The same as the normal draw: select 5 numbers from 1- 50 and 2 bonus numbers from 1-10.

Winning chances: Same.

Draw times: Every Friday night.

The BIG difference: We’re pushing EuroJackpot Max to it’s limits with a maximum jackpot for the lottery of €90 million every single time!

Get your tickets here!

If you like playing for big jackpots then make sure you start playing these two every week!

You can make things even easier by getting a subscription for either draw too.

Take it to the max with Multilotto!

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