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Meet the winners of this year’s National Lottery Awards

National Lottery in the UK raises around £30.000.000 for good causes on a weekly basis, helping hundreds of charities throughout the year, but there’s only one special occasion where the public gets to crown their favourites. Work of lottery-funded programs are celebrated with the National Lottery Awards, and this amazing honour have been bestowed on seven inspirational charities, each one reflecting a different type of project that get to survive and thrive thanks to this crucial source of financial support.

This year’s ceremony took place at a star-studded event in London, which was later televised on BBC, and saw these seven charities receive the largest amount of votes from the public:

  1. Arts – The Man Engine

“The Man Engine” is one of Cornwall’s latest sensations, which perfectly reflects the spirit of their community and deeply-rooted tin mining heritage. It’s a colossal mechanical tin miner, the largest one ever built in Britain, which can only come to life if enough people sing.

  1. Education – Magi Ann

One of the best ways to save a language from dying out is teaching it to children from a very young age, and kids in Wales have a big helper in Magi Ann. Books and stories featuring this character started printing back in 1970s, but they’ll now be available through six apps, making them more appealing to digital natives.

  1. Environment – Avalon Marshes

Avalon Marshes hides in the very heart of Somerset, offering its visitors an opportunity to enjoy magical landscapes and rich wetland wildlife. The conservation of this unique area was made possible through sixty projects that were run over the last four years thanks to lottery-funding.

  1. Health – HeadSmart

Early diagnosis of brain tumour is crucial for saving lives and reducing the chance of long-term disability, and “HeadSmart” is one of the charities that work towards making it possible. They do it by educating the public through a dedicated website and app, by distributing symptoms cards and education packs and engaging with healthcare professionals.

  1. Heritage – We're here because we're here

Battle of the Somme went down in history as the largest battle of the First World War and one of the bloodiest ones in the human history. During its first day, around 2.000 British soldiers lost their lives and the project “We're here because we're here” was set up as a modern memorial to this tragic event. Over 1.400 volunteers dressed up as soldiers, reminding the spectators and connecting them to their devastating past.

  1. Sport – Parkrun VI

Parkrun is the name of a collection of five-kilometre running events taking place in several countries around the world. Thanks to “Parkrun VI”, visually impaired individuals in the UK are also taking part in this activity that gives them an opportunity to run and socialize in a safe and friendly environment.

  1. Charity – Bravehound

Driven by the idea that dogs can heal invisible wounds, “Bravehound” is a project that links suitable veterans with companion dogs, in hope they’ll develop a bond that will help them deal with a number of issues, including post-traumatic stress disorder.

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