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Mega Millions Max will turn your life around with a sensational $680.000.000 jackpot

Mega Millions Max is constantly offering more cash than anyone can count, but we’re still waiting for someone who’s lucky enough to scoop its incredible jackpot. Mesmerizing windfall worth $680.000.000 will be up for grabs tonight and you could take it home by matching all the winning numbers!

The winning line that failed to transform one of Mega Millions player into an instant millionaire on Tuesday night consisted of the numbers 5, 13, 31, 43 and 53 with the Mega Ball 20. Nobody managed to match them all, but one ticket holder from New York was extremely close. After correctly guessing the five main numbers, they scooped an impressive $1.000.000 windfall. Prizes of smaller value ranged between $2 for matching the Mega Ball and $20.000 for missing the jackpot by one of the main numbers while using the Megaplier option.

Lotto enthusiasts who failed to become mega-millionaires on April 10th tried their luck with Powerball one day later. The winning numbers 16, 18, 27, 55 and 67 with the Power Ball 18 didn’t produce a jackpot winner and this game rolled over once again. One player from Iowa had a reason for celebration that night since their Match 5 ticket made them $1.000.000 richer. Powerball draw on April 11th produced a total of 506.000 winners who collected around 5.080.000 in non-jackpot prizes. None of them managed to correctly guess all the winning Powerball numbers, but you could win $350.000.000 by doing so.

If you’re looking for a chance to try something a little bit different and explore cryptocurrency world, Bitcoin Jackpot will get you there. Try your luck with this exciting game to win Ƀ2.000 (approximately $15.409.000).

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