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Mega Millions offers its largest jackpot this year worth €190.100.000

Mega Millions always had a strong competition in Powerball, but in the last few weeks it’s been this game’s time to shine! Thanks to a steady climb of a jackpot in the last ten weeks, Mega Millions will offer a stupendous €190.100.000 windfall this very night – buy a ticket HERE for a chance to take this amazing amount of money home!

The combination consisting of the numbers 7, 18, 24, 55 and 74 with the Mega Ball 10 didn’t produce a jackpot winner on July 11th, but it brought luck to one ticket holder from Texas. They matched the five main numbers to net $2.000.000 – you may notice this sum is twice as high as the usual Match 5 prize, but that’s because the lucky player used the Megaplier option which costs an extra dollar and multiplies all non-jackpot windfalls. Almost 1.900.000 lotto enthusiasts collected prizes of smaller value on Tuesday night, ranging from $10.000 to $1.

Mega Millions has been rolling over since April 28th, and during this period more than 26.000.000 prizes have been won at all levels. 32 of them were Match 5 pay-outs worth $1.000.000 or more – only three of them amounted to several millions of dollars and were scooped by one player from New York and two ticket holders from Texas, including the fortunate person who became $2.000.000 richer in the latest draw.

Lottery games aren’t the only way leading to impressive cash rewards. Try something a little bit different with Mega Moolah and you could end up $1.165.000 richer in a blink of an eye!

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