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Michigan woman feels shaky and sick after learning that she won $1.000.000

Learning you became a lottery millionaire isn’t always as fun and exciting as you expected it to be. Sometimes it tends to be very shocking and overwhelming, or at least it was for Brenda Jewell. This woman from Michigan said she felt sick after realizing she won Mega Millions prize worth $1.000.000. How would you feel after discovering you became $246.000.000 richer? Play Powerball to find out!

Ms. Jewell matched the main winning numbers 5, 12, 15, 46 and 49, but missed the Mega Ball 1 in the Mega Millions draw February 13th. She purchased the lucky ticket at Dave’s Place, located on North Straits Highway in Cheboygan and was shaken up after realizing  it was worth $1.000.000.

“I checked my numbers and just felt shaky and sick. I’ve played for years and dreamed of winning, but you never think it’s going to happen to you. My husband didn’t believe me at first and told me to call the lottery office before he left work to make sure I had won,” recalled the 49-year-old woman.

The Jewells collected their prize money one day after the draw and said they’ll use it to build a new house, go on a family vacation and save the rest for the future.

“It still hasn’t really hit me yet that I won. I can’t wait to be debt free and be able to actually breathe and not worry about my finances,” said the $1.000.000 winner.

Mega Millions has been rolling over since a 20-year- old from Florida collected staggering $451.000.000 windfall on January 5th. The latest draw took place on February 16th, when no one managed to correctly guess the winning numbers 14, 38, 48, 53 and 58 with the Mega Ball 16. After another rollover on Friday night, the top prize soared to $199.400.000!

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