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Minnesota resident collects a $1.000.000 Mega Millions prize

When Patty Loberg learned that her local store sold Mega Millions ticket worth $1.000.000, she decided not to check her numbers right away. She waited for a few hours, pretending she might be the person who won that incredible amount of money, but when she finally checked her ticket something amazing happened. Her daydream transformed into a reality when she discovered her ticket was the winning one! 

Loberg correctly guessed the five main numbers 29, 41, 42, 49 and 57, but missed the Mega Ball 24 in the Mega Millions draw on January 30th, with the ticket she purchased at Mike’s Gas for Less store in Bloomington. Her husband Carl was shopping there the next day, when one of the employees informed him they sold the ticket worth $1.000.000. Mr. Loberg called his wife advising her to check her numbers, but she didn’t want to do it right away.

“I wanted to have the illusion that I was the winner for a while longer,” explained the fortunate Bloomington resident.

After waiting for a few hours, Ms. Loberg decided it’s time to face the music. After checking the ticket over and over again, she was finally convinced her eyes weren’t tricking her and that she’s about to receive $1.000.000. She went to Mike’s Gas for Less to validate her ticket, and one of the employees gave her a big hug after hearing the lucky news.

Mega Millions hasn’t produced the jackpot winner since January 5th, and it once again failed to do it this Friday night. The winning numbers on February 2nd were 1, 4, 14, 17 and 40 with the Mega Ball 4. One player from Michigan missed the jackpot by the Mega Ball and scooped Match 5 prize worth $1.000.000. After their failure to correctly guess all the winning numbers, the top prize has risen to $120.000.000!

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