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Multi-generational family from New Zealand shares a $19.100.000 lottery jackpot

Enormous lotto windfalls have the power of changing dozens of lives and transforming ordinary people into multi-millionaires overnight. Members of one family syndicate from Wairarapa fall under this category – they recently collected a $19.100.000 jackpot, which will brighten up the futures of generations to come. You could turn your life around after the next Powerball draw, which will be offering a $212.000.000 pay-out!

The members of the anonymous family correctly guessed the winning numbers 5, 8, 12, 18, 28 and 36 with the Power Ball 5 in New Zealand’s Lotto draw on November 22th. One of the winners saw the numbers in the paper the next day and noticed they look very familiar, but it took him some time to check their ticket which was sitting in the glove box of his car for days.

“I saw the winning line straight away and thought, ‘Hello, yeah. Those are the numbers in the paper’. Then I put the ticket back in the glove box and ran inside to check the paper again. I kept running back and forth between the car and the house to check and re-check the numbers – I don’t know why I didn’t just bring the ticket inside,” recalled the winner.

After sharing the news with his wife, the fortunate man decided to call his daughter and son-in-law, but they had a hard time understanding him and thought he’s probably been checking an old ticket.  The younger couple advised them to “settle down and have a cup of tea” and said they’ll immediately come over to see the ticket for themselves.

“Everyone was standing in the lounge checking the ticket over and over again. It took a while before they all believed me. But when they did, they all rushed in and hugged me. It was the first time I’ve ever had so many kisses,” joked the fortunate man, and said they’ll use the money to look after their family and help out some local charities.

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