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New Hampshire produces the first Powerball winner of the year 2018

This has certainly been the best weekend for lottery players in recent memory since two most popular games produced nine-digit jackpots in the matter of hours. Only a day after Mega Millions brought an incredible windfall to a player from Florida, another punter from New Hampshire collected an astonishing $559.700.000 Powerball prize!

The winning line that enabled this life-changing victory consisted of the numbers 12, 29, 30, 33 and 61 with the Power Ball 26. The participant from New Hampshire was the only person to match them all, but several players came really close to becoming multi-millionaires, too. Match 5 prizes for missing the jackpot by the Power Ball number were collected in Connecticut, New Jersey, South Carolina, Texas and Washington – they amounted to $1.000.000 each. Powerball draw on January 6th produced over 4.000.000 winners, who collected a total of almost $37.200.000 in non-jackpot prizes.

What makes this win even more exciting is the fact it happened only a day after one Mega Millions player from Florida collected a $450.000.000 jackpot. The winning numbers that transformed someone from the Sunshine State into the first major lottery millionaire of the year 2018 were 28, 30, 39, 59 and 70 with the Mega Ball 10. Mega Millions draw on January 5th also produced several Match 5 winners around the US. Six players collected the usual $1.000.000 pay-out for missing the jackpot by the Mega Ball number, while another two netted $3.000.000 thanks to adding the optional Megaplier to their tickets.

After this ground-breaking start, we can’t wait to see what else 2018 has in store. Will SuperEnaLotto be the next game to create a jackpot winner after months and months of rollovers? Play now and you could end up €81.600.000 richer!

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