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New Jersey grandparents who recently experienced family tragedy scoop $1.000.000

Playing lottery week after week without scooping a major windfall can easily crush one’s spirit, but seeing the prizes go to the people who are the most deserving of them is always encouraging. The latest example of lottery money going into the right hands is the story of Jackie and Rande from New Jersey, who faced an enormous loss before their $1.000.000 Mega Millions victory.

Back on March 31st, Eliberto Cantu from Texas scooped a $177.000.000 Mega Millions jackpot, but he wasn’t the only person celebrating that night. Long Branch residents Jackie and Rande, who didn’t share their last names with lottery officials, missed the jackpot by the Mega Ball number, to snatch $1.000.000. They’ve been married for 17 years, and faced many challenges during this period, including their daughter’s death to lupus some time ago. After this tragic loss, the couple started taking care of their three young grandchildren, and will use the prize money to continue doing so in the future.

“I am just very grateful. This will help our lives out a lot,” said Rande after claiming the windfall, while his wife described this victory as a beginning of good fortune for their family.

The couple didn’t share any additional information, but people who know them in person were ready to confirm that the $1.000.000 pay-out really went into the right hands.

“They are the most deserving people in New Jersey. They have helped so many other people in their times of need, and now it is their turn to receive this very necessary blessing,” said the couple’s friend Debbie, who gave them a ride to the lottery headquarters.

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