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Online Lottery vs Offline Lottery: Which is Better?

Are you considering taking a lottery ticket? If so, should you sign up with an online provider to buy a virtual ticket or go to your nearest offline provider like the corner store to purchase a paper ticket? 


This is a valid question and deserves a well-thought-out answer. Therefore, by way of answering this question, let's consider the following points.


The origins and history of the lottery

Note: It is essential to be mindful that some national governments have banned the lottery and its associated activities. Thus, before you take a ticket, even for an international lottery, it is vital to ensure that the country you live in has no problems with its residents taking lottery tickets. Otherwise, the consequences could be dire, including the confiscation of your winnings as it is paid into your bank account. 
The other critical point to be aware of is that gambling in any form, including playing the lottery, is a high-risk activity. Consequently, you should never play with money you cannot afford to lose. Secondly, you must always gamble in moderation. The global gambling industry’s mantra: “Winners know when to stop” rings true here. 


Now that we have both these important points out of the way, let’s look at the origins of the lottery game. 


1. What is the lottery? 


Succinctly stated, according to, the lottery is a “form of gambling that involves the drawing of numbers at random for a prize.” Most countries allow some form of lottery games in the form of a national or state lottery. For example, each US state runs its own lottery. And these independently run lotteries are subject to the applicable state’s laws. 

It is worth noting that the first US government lottery was established in Puerto Rico in 1934. The next lottery launched was the New Hampshire lottery in 1964. 

But we are getting ahead of ourselves; “let’s start at the beginning, a very good place to start” as the song titled “Do Re Mi” from the movie, “The Sound of Music.”


2. The lottery: The beginning


The original signs of a lottery game were the Keno slips from the Chinese Han Dynasty during 205 and 187 BC. It is believed that the proceeds from these lotteries helped finance major government projects such as the Great Wall of China. 

The first European lotteries were held during the Roman Empire, primarily as a form of entertainment at dinner parties. Guests each received a numbered ticket, and prizes were items like fancy household items. Every ticket holder was guaranteed to win something. However, these games were nothing more than games of revelry, with wealthy noble families distributing gifts to their dinner guests. 

The earliest formal lottery with tickets offered for sale was organized by the Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar. Its aim was to raise funds for repairs to the City of Rome. 


3. Medieval to early modern times


The first recorded lotteries with tickets sold for cash and monetary prizes were held in the Low Countries (Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg) during the fifteenth century. Towns in this geographical region held lotteries to raise funds to build town fortifications, renovate buildings, and help the socio-economically disadvantaged. 

The earliest record of a formal lottery is 9 May 1445 at the Sluis municipality in Zeeland, Netherlands. 4 304 tickets were sold with total prize money of 1 737 florins (circa $170 000 USD). 

In the seventeenth century, the Netherlands used the lottery format to raise funds for many different purposes, including supporting the poor and other public concerns. These lotteries were very popular. And the oldest running lottery is the Dutch state-owned “Staatsloterij.”

The earliest recorded Italian lottery was held at the beginning of 1449 in Milan. It was organized by the Golden Ambrosian Republic to fund the war against the Republic of Venice. The lottery game became popular in Genoa. Residents used to place bets on the Great Council nominees. Five out of ninety candidates seated on the Great Council members were drawn by chance every six months. 

This is the earliest use of the name “Lotto.” When the residents wanted to bet more often than every six months, numbers were substituted for the candidate names. Hence, modern lotto was born.

Finally, the lottery spread throughout Europe and across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas. Circa 200 lotteries were permitted in the USA between 1744 and 1776, playing a significant role in financing projects such as building roads, churches, colleges, and bridges.


The gambling driven by Industry 4.0 technology


Now that we understand the definition, and origins, of the lottery, the next point to consider is the role that the virtual world has played and continues to play in the post-COVID-19 era. 


Succinctly stated, the world has moved online.  One of the industries most affected by this worldwide move to the online space is the casino industry. There have always been online versions of casino games, lottery games, and other gambling opportunities. However, the brick-and-mortar casinos have been closed for a large part of 2020, forcing owners to move their primary income generation mechanism online. 


The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) has facilitated this requirement. Its associated technological advances like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality, have increased the online game developers’ ability to create a realistic version of the land-based game.


Consequently, the question that begs is, what is an online lottery, and how does it differ from other virtual casino games?


The straightforward answer to this question is that an online lottery platform is similar to other online casinos offering gambling opportunities on various casino games. The online lottery platform, like Multilotto, offers pundits the chance to bet on the outcomes of most of the official lotteries across the world.


The ins and outs of betting on the outcome of one of the many lottery games worldwide


However, there are several important differences between Multilotto and other land-based lottery companies. 


1. Geographic location 


Most individual lotteries are location-based. For instance, if you live in South Africa, you legally have the option of taking a lottery ticket from one of the different lottery games offered by the national lottery operator. You can buy your tickets from any one of the brick-and-mortar stores that offer the sale of lottery tickets, such as the garage shops. Tickets are also available from some of the South African banks’ online banking platforms. 

According to the South African gambling law, residents may not participate in any online gambling activities unless the gambling platform holds a provincial (state) bookmaker’s license. Therefore, South African residents cannot legally buy a ticket for any big lotteries like the EuroMillions or any other lottery game offered across the world.


2. Taking a lottery ticket or betting on the outcome of the lotteries offered


The fundamental difference between Multilotto and all of the other lotteries offered across the globe is that Multilotto allows pundits to bet on each lottery's outcome

For instance, if you choose to take a EuroMillions ticket through Multilotto, you select your numbers and pay for the line as you would go to a EuroMillions ticket office. And your winnings are paid out by Multilotto, not the EuroMillions office. The winning numbers are precisely the same as the official numbers. In a sense, the only difference is who collects the funds from the ticket sales and pays out the winnings. It sounds like a win-win situation.


3. Online versus offline purchasing


As highlighted in several places during this discussion, should you wish to buy a lottery ticket directly from a specific lottery operator, you have to go to an outlet that sells these lottery tickets. The scenario of taking a South African lottery ticket as an example of how to buy a lottery ticket from any one of the global lottery operators was described earlier. And, to reiterate, the only way to buy an actual South African lottery ticket is to find an outlet, both online and land-based, that offers lottery ticket sales. 

Juxtapositionally, it is straightforward to purchase a lottery ticket for any of the lottery games offered on Multilotto. All you need to do is to work through this brief step-by-step guide: 


  • Sign up with Multilotto. In other words, create a new account if you do not already have an existing account. 
  • Log in to your player account. 
  • Claim the welcome bonus and make a deposit. 
  • Choose a lottery game. For instance, let’s choose a line for the next Mega Millions draw. 
  • You have a choice between a single game, system game, and group play. Choose one of these three options. 
  • Either utilize the quick pick option or select five main numbers and one bonus number of each line you wish to buy. 
  • Finally, you can also select between the regular jackpot and the boost jackpot options. 
  • Once you have performed all of these steps, the last thing to do before paying for your line(s) is to decide how many draws to pay for. The options are: 1 draw, 4 draws, 1 month, and 1 year(20 percent discount). Ergo, this ticket is valid for the number of draws you select. 
  • The last step is to pay for your purchase.

Once you have bought your lottery lines, the only thing left to do is to wait for the next draw to determine what your winnings are. 


4. Online versus offline security


The difference between buying a virtual ticket from an online lottery platform (Multilotto) and paying for a paper ticket is self-explanatory. 

If you lose the paper ticket, or it is stolen from you, you have no evidence that the ticket is yours. This is a problem irrespective of how much or how little your winnings are. However, the issue of a lost ticket grows exponentially with the value of your winnings. If you win the jackpot, there is no way to claim the amount won. The paper ticket is the only acceptable evidence. 

On the other hand, if you create an account with Multilotto and conduct all of your transactions online, there will always be an electronic record of all of the lotto tickets and their respective winnings for every game you’ve ever played on the Multilotto platform. 

The caveat here is Internet security, especially in the post-COVID-19 era. The international company, Deloitte, published an article titled, “COVID-19’s Impact on Cybersecurity,” reporting an increase in phishing attacks, as well as malicious spam and ransomware. 

Thus, it is imperative to make sure that the online lottery platform you sign up with implements and continually updates the platform’s cybersecurity best practices. The next point to be aware of is that no legitimate company will ever ask you to change your online login details via email. Therefore, if you receive such an email from Multilotto, you can be 100% certain that it is a phishing attack. Do not open the email.


The absolute advantages of signing up with an online lottery platform


As highlighted above, there are no disadvantages to playing lotto online. In fact, the advantages are absolute. As a result, let’s consider some of the more important benefits: 


1. Opportunities to try lotteries around the world


Statistics show that there are approximately 180 different lotteries in the world. Let’s assume that you live in a country where there is only one national lottery. If you don’t sign up with an online platform, you will not have the opportunity to play all 179 other global lotteries. You will be forced to stick to one lottery. 

Conversely, signing up with Multilotto, or a simple platform, allows you to try as many, if not all, of the 180 different lottery games.


2. Additional services offered by a site like Multilotto


Online platforms offer a range of additional services like: 

  • A support team on standby to provide answers to any queries you might have. 
  • An up-to-date list of all the lottery results as they happen. 
  • A jackpot alert when a lottery’s jackpot increases, so you stay abreast of all of this rapidly changing information. 
  • And finally, holiday bonuses are special bonuses offered by Multilotto to celebrate holidays like Christmas and New Year.


3. The convenience of playing online 


The sheer convenience of playing online cannot and must not be underestimated, especially in the COVID-19 pandemic, with the reimplementation of hard lockdowns in countries that are experiencing a rapid increase in infection rates. 

Buying a lotto ticket for any lottery game held anywhere in the world is as simple as switching on your laptop or mobile device, navigating to the Multilotto site, logging in, and following the steps described above on how to take a lottery ticket. It couldn’t be simpler and more convenient.

Multilotto is licensed by Malta Gaming Authority under license no. MGA/B2C/338/2016.
Play Responsibly, 18+,

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