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Ontario resident retires one month earlier thanks to a $23.600.000 jackpot

Many jackpot winners decide it’s time to quit their jobs after becoming multi-millionaires, and so did Luciano Polera, His story is a little bit different, though, since the discovery of a $23.600.000 lotto victory moved up his retirement date by only a month and a half. Would you keep on working or leave your job for good after scooping €203.200.000? Play Mega Millions to find out!

The fortunate Ontario man correctly guessed the winning combination consisting of the numbers 4, 8, 13, 16, 26, 33 and 38 in the Lotto Max draw on July 7th, after playing the lottery for four decades. He checked the numbers on Saturday while drinking his morning coffee, but didn’t realize he’s about to receive $23.600.000 until he gave the ticket to his wife Cathy.

“I only circled six numbers instead of seven. I told my wife we missed by one number. But lucky for me, my wife caught it. We double checked and sure enough, we had all the numbers,” recalled Polera.

The Richmond Hill resident have been planning to quit his job at a warehouse in about a month or two, but this victory allowed him to do it a little bit earlier. Without any financial worries on the horizon, Polera intends to invest the money, take care of his two adult children, and take his wife everywhere she wants to go, starting with Fiji.

“Now I don’t have to worry about any more financial problems, we can take care of our house and our kids. There was always wishful thinking when buying tickets and I thought I would be more excited when I won, but I guess when the money is in the bank, it will sink in. I’m still a little shocked every now and then,” said the fortunate man.

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