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Our Four Big Tips For Lottery Millionaires

The history of lottery winners tells us that while many people sail off into the sunset and enjoy the life of riley until the end of their days, there are also those who make rash or foolish decisions which end up turning their dream lottery win into a nightmare. Carry on reading to find out the mistakes you must avoid if you become lottery millionaires.

We’ve trawled the internet to find those stories which provide a stark lesson to all would-be jackpot winners.

 Here are our top four tips for ensuring that life as a lottery millionaire remains as smooth as possible.

Number One ... Don’t spend it all at once!

Lotto millionaires

Although, if you were to win our Powerball or Mega Millions jackpot we reckon it would take even the biggest spender a pretty long time !

Brit Michael Carroll was an extremely naïve 19-year old with a wild side and an electronic tag on his left leg when he won £9.7 million on the UK National Lottery in 2002. They say that you shouldn’t let sudden wealth go to your head. Alas, Mr Carroll paid absolutely no heed to that advice.

In a whirlwind couple of years Michael set about eroding his fortune, giving millions away to friends and family, and spending even larger amounts on alcohol, drugs and prostitutes. In less than a decade and without a single shrewd investment of note Michael’s jackpot win had been whittled down to almost nothing.

Still, he insists he has no regrets, saying that ‘he has lived more in 10 years than some people live in two lives’. Shortly after making this philosophical, if a little short-sighted, statement Michael reapplied for his old job as a bin man.

Number Two ... You don’t have to tell EVERYONE, but you should definitely let your spouse know!

Denise Rossi got a nasty surprise after concealing her California lottery win from her jilted husband. Here’s a case of karma in action if ever we heard one.

The year is 1996, the place is California and Thomas Rossi is reeling after being told by his wife of 25 years Denise that she wants a divorce.

The news had arrived completely out of the blue. Indeed, it has seemed to all and sundry, Thomas himself included, that the Rossi’s were the picture perfect married couple who rarely argued and were said to be so close that they even shared an electric toothbrush. There had never been a hint of infidelity on either side in over a quarter of a century.

 And, yet, Denise wanted out and she wanted out fast. Denise’s reasons for the divorce were unclear, yet there was one monumental factor that she hid from her husband and everyone else throughout the divorce proceedings.

Only 11 days before filing for divorce, Denise has won a cool $1.3 million on the California lottery. However, as it almost always does, the truth came out in the end. The Judge, shocked at Denise’s deception found her guilty of violating California’s disclosure law and handed the ENTIRE winnings over to her husband!!

Be like Denise and play the California Lottery right here at Multilotto. But, if you do win, make sure you let your other half know.

Number Three ... Don’t forget you bought the ticket in the first place!

Although, if you play lottery at Multilotto and hit the jackpot we’ll be in touch to let you know about it, even if you forget to check yourself!

Buying Lottery tickets is such a routine thing that for many of us it’s easy to forget we purchased them in the first place. Pretty much everyone who plays the lottery regularly will at one time or another have left it for a matter of weeks before checking to see if they won the jackpot.

That was most certainly the case for one forgetful lottery winner from Illinois. Ron Yurcus bought a jackpot winning lottery ticket in August 2012 only to completely forget that he had purchased it in the first place. Mr Yurcus went about his life as normal for the next three months, all the time completely unaware that he was sitting on a $1 million fortune.

In fact, it was only when cleaning his desk that Ron noticed the old lottery ticket hidden amongst various other old documents. Ron promptly checked the ticket to discover he was a winner and the rest as they say is history. Ron became one of the lottery millionaires whose story has been told around the world.

Thanks to Multilotto, there’s no need for you to rummage around looking for old tickets! You can check your winning numbers easily anytime online or in an instant by downloading our app.

Four ... Play online or on your mobile at Multilotto. That way there’s no chance you’ll lose your tickets!

Imagine winning over five million and making the lottery millionaires list, but then losing the ticket and not getting any of it. That’s the sad story of Martyn and Kay Tott.

We’ve won! I can’t believe it! This is the best thing that has ever happened to us. We are lottery millionaires! Oh, wait a minute, where did you put that ticket my dear….? There’s nothing worse really is there? The feeling that you have something you’ve always wanted in your grasp only to have it wrenched despairingly away from you.

It’s hard to imagine how British couple Martyn and Kay Tott must have felt when they found out that their lottery numbers, the same numbers they put on every single week, had come up only to later realise that they had completely misplaced the winning ticket.

A seven-week long investigation revealed beyond doubt that the couple really did buy the winning ticket and that their claim was legitimate. However, as there was a 30-day limit on reporting lost tickets the lottery company was not required to pay up. Consequently, the jackpot became one of the largest unclaimed amounts of cash in history.

Thankfully if you play the lottery at Multilotto you won’t have to worry about that because your tickets are safely secured online and could never be lost down the back of the sofa or anywhere else for that matter!

Now you’re fully prepared to become one of the big lottery millionaires!

lottery millionaires 2

Our four handy tips should help make sure that your big lottery jackpot win doesn’t soon turn into a disaster. So keep them in mind and keep playing for the world’s biggest jackpots with us!

Multilotto makes playing lottery online easy and makes sure that you never miss out on your big lottery win.

Thanks for reading. Now what are you all waiting for? Sign up and start playing Lotto online today!

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