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Saginaw County woman moved to tears after a $5.000.000 Mega Millions win

Everyone has a different reaction after discovering they became lotto millionaires – some start jumping and shouting, others are incapable of uttering a word, and Gladys Salzwedel cried tears of joy. This fortunate woman from Michigan scooped $5.000.000 playing Mega Millions, and you could win much more in the next draw. Buy your ticket HERE to snatch $71.000.000!

The fortunate woman from Oakley correctly matched the five main numbers in the Mega Millions draw on October 27th, with the ticket she purchased at the Admiral gas station, located on Brady Road in Chesaning. Unlike most Match 5 winners who collect $1.000.000, Ms. Salzwedel claimed five times more, thanks to adding the Megaplier option to her ticket. She wasn’t in the rush to check her numbers, but decided to do so after seeing a story about the $5.000.000 ticket being sold at the same store where she always buys hers.

“I called for my husband to get the ticket out of my purse and look it over. When he came into the living room where I was, he said: ‘You’d better sit down.’ When he told me I’d won, I started bawling,” recalled the 68-year-old lady, who plays Mega Millions and Powerball “religiously”.

Salzwedel still has a job as a home-health nurse, but she’ll be able to finally retire after her amazing victory. She also intends to pay off all of her bills, share some of the money with her family and church, and take a trip down south.
“It’s such a blessing to win and be able to retire without having to worry about robbing Peter to pay Paul. God is so good,” said Salzwedel.

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